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Mar 18, 2012 06:18 PM

Craft Beer in the Triad (GSO - WS)

I have really started getting into craft beer (I just moved a block and a half away from the Best Way), and I am looking for new places to check out. I have been to Sessions on spring garden, but that place can get pretty pricey. Can you guys give me some suggestions of places that have good craft beer selections? Thanks!

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  1. As far as breweries, we have Natty Greene's (Elm St. Greensboro) and Foothills Brewery (4th St. in Winston-Salem). Both serve up good brews. I think the food is better at Natty Greene's, but both are definitely worth a visit. There's also the Red Oak brewery in Whitsett (just east of Greensboro on I-40) which makes excellent beer. You can find it at many bars and restaurants, or you can visit the brewery to purchase growlers to go.

    In Winston-Salem, Mellow Mushroom has probably the largest draft selection in town, so you can try as many as you like. The Fox & Hound also has a large selection of draft beers.

    And if you want to buy your beer to enjoy at home, I can highly recommend City Beverage in Winston-Salem--best selection around, for sure. Total Wine also has a good variety.

    1. Definitely check out both mellow mushrooms - the one in winston and greensboro. Both have great selections. Also in winston try first st draft house. I think foothills beer is much better than Natty's, though Foothills food leaves much to be desired as arbyunc stated. If you try any foothills selections be sure to sample their barrel aged products or their sexual chocolate.

      Suprisingly the last time I went to darryls they had a much better than expected craft beer list. Not as many drafts as either mellow mushroom but plenty of options

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        I think Best Way is a better place to buy beer than City Beverage, since Best Way has more of their stuff cold. If you've never been, check out beer advocate and rate beer. There may be some local breweries you're not aware of.

      2. 1618 Wine Lounge on Battleground has a nice beer selection. Not sure it will hit your price point, though.