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Bob's Lobster-Plum Island

On this beautiful day I headed to the North Shore with some friends. Rather than stopping at the usual places, Essex Seafood or the Clam Box, we had lunch at Bob's. Delicious lobster rolls, special today for $10.50, and the fried clams, the best I've had in quite a while.

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    1. Although I think it is "Bob Lobster" - a name that should probably end up on one of those grammar websites.

      The scallops are always great there as well. My wife is always happy with the fish and chips.

      1. Bob Lobster is a hidden gem. Since we summer in Plum Island, it is a daily trip for us. Nothing says summer to me more. The lobster rolls are excellent, as are the clams. You have inspired me to take a trip up this week and see how our beloved Plum Island is hangin'! :)

        1. I love a combo of fried full bellies & oysters - so good. http://boblobster.com/

          1. and for those of you who are pilots, it is coveniently located near the east end of Plum Island Aerodrome. Come by and visit us @ 2b2 !!!!! Like all the other comments about Bob's, I'll vouch for them. The food is great!

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              We went to Bob's today for lunch since it was beautiful out.

              One of us had the lobster roll and I had a clam roll. Both were excellent. Clams were not greasy and I had to have help eating them the roll had so many clams. My only complaint would be the tartar sauce. It needed something. Maybe a bit of lemon juice? But all in all, it was worth the trip and definitely a do-again.

            2. Well, we must have had some bad karma because, after reading so many complimentary reviews of Bob Lobster we got out the little convertible and spent a beautiful day driving to Newburyport from Ipswich, with B-L as our destination. . . . and had one of the worst fried seafood dinners ever.

              Started with a 2X combo with clams and oysters. Heavy coating, tasteless, other than by the size we literally couldn't tell the difference between the two. The fries were equally tasteless with watery ketchup and, as noted above, the tartar sause seemed like mostly mayo.

              On the plus side I got an order of fried smelt and they were fresh and sweet, though with the same too-thick coating.

              Service was pleasant and prompt, the ambience of sitting by the marsh on a beautiful day was grand, and the prices were fair.

              But, sorry, no return trip planned.

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                This is quite unexpected....I've had over a dozen great meals there. Admittedly, I haven't been since last year. I hope this isn't a bad sign of change management or something?

                1. re: Science Chick

                  We were surprised, too, expecially in light of all the good reviews.
                  In fairness, it was a holiday weekend, extremely busy, and no one in the shop appeared over early 20's so maybe it was a case of overload on an inexperienced crew.

                2. re: powerfulpierre

                  I agree that it is wholly uncharacteristic of Bob Lobster to produce fried clams that came out like yours did.

                  I will say this, however: after the TVDiner report, the places up on PI have been slammed. We tried to get breakfast at Mad Martha's on Sunday, and the line was out the door, and the front patio was blanketed with people waiting to be seated. I am guessing the crush is affecting service and perhaps prep. Your observation of the teens/20-year-olds manning the shop is right on - relative inexperience may well have teamed up with unprecedented crowds to completely jerk the works. Please do try again. You experienced the rarest of off days.

                  1. re: Small Plates

                    OK, we'll give it another try.
                    It's impossible to say no after so many complimentary notes. I have to credit our experience to an off day, or even an off batch!

                    After all, as I said before, the service was friendly and attentive and the outside table seating was beautiful.

                    Now, for another convertible-and-outside-seating-worthy day!

                    Thanks to all. Bob's apparently has a very loyal following

                3. I have only been once, but I had the opposite experience. I had a clam roll and the clams were very light and tasty, not greasy, but as you can see from my previous post that was one of the warm days in March when we took the Mini Cooper out for a drive.

                  I have been anxious to go back, but I wanted to wait until the summer season was over since I thought it would be too crowded for my liking.

                  Sorry you didn't have a good experience.