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Mar 18, 2012 05:48 PM

[DTW] Monty's Grille - Royal Oak

Add this to the list of excellent breakfast places in our area.

On woodward between I believe between 12 and 13 mile. Located in the wing one of those ultra-shady motels which I'm sure rent by the hour. Yellow awning, which this friendly looking chef statue in front of the door.

Basic breakfast menus of eggs, hams, etc. Counter-top searing and three tables of two. Very basic fare.

But seriously. Come here for the corned beef hash. Handfuls of excellent corned beef shredded in larger chunks. BIg hunks of onions, peppers, potatoes. Well-seasoned without being too greasy. HUGe portion of 6 bucks. We also had the omelette with kielbasa and cheddar which was tasty as well, but nothing mind-blowing.


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  1. Hmm. "Do one thing, and do it well.", apparently. I've driven by this place more times than I could ever count. The CBH is completely made in-house? And was it a regular menu item, or just for St. Patrick's Day?

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      ...and, what happened to the little man statue which stood guard outside Monty's for, like, forever?

    2. I love Monty's. I've been going for at least 20 years. A few years ago, Esther and WhatsHisName
      retired. The new owners(?) continue the menu and tradition without too much change.

      For those that are considering a visit, it seats ~15 people. A tiny diner indeed. The regulars (not
      me) tend to get much better service than us irregulars.

      1. I've been a few times. I'm a fan of the hash and the Joseph Campau.