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Mar 18, 2012 05:48 PM

Le Comptoir and after?

Dear DTLA Hounds (and those familiar with the area),

Heading to Le Comptoir @ Tiara Cafe (on 9th btwn Main and Los Angeles Streets) later this month for a 6pm seating. Would love to do something of a walking tour afterwards. Food, drink, dessert, what have you. Any recommendations within walking distance for new, exceptional, unusual from the restos and bars in the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. In no particular order, here are the places I've been to:

    Wood Spoon (9th & Main/Spring) - Brazilian chicken pot pie

    Umamicatessen (Broadway between 8th & 9th) - recently opened, not sure what's good yet but may be worth checking out

    Silo Vodka Bar (7th between Broadway & Spring) - vodka bar with an "ice lounge"

    The Varnish (6th between Main & Los Angeles) - small bar with a "speakeasy" vibe, had a great cocktail here after telling the bartender I wanted something citrusy

    Perch (Hill between 4th & 5th) - two-level rooftop bar with a nice view

    Syrup Desserts (Spring between 6th & 7th) - coffee drinks, teas, ice cream from Scoops I think, Belgian waffles, crepes, sweet grilled cheese sandwiches

    You could also walk a little further down to the Little Tokyo area for more...

    The Edison
    Lazy Ox Canteen
    Cafe Demitasse
    The Spice Table
    Cafe Dulce
    The Escondite

    1. Pattern Bar is around the corner - great drink menu and the owners are lovely