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Mar 18, 2012 05:40 PM

Zojirushi or Cuisinart auto drip coffee maker. Does the carafe lid go on and off easily?

I have a Capresso mt500 that I'm very happy with. The only complaint is that the lid can be a pain to get on and off. The threads can be fussy...

I'm buying a coffee maker as a gift and think it'll be either the Zojirushi or a Cuisinart Brew Central, based on conversations here and Amazon reviews etc. Have never used either, though, and wonder if those of you who have would clue me in.

Is there anything else I should know about these units?

Thank you!

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  1. I am not sure which cuisinart you're talking about as there are many many models, but my parents lid is very easy to get off and put on. The only complaint is that you have to pour at a very steep angle to get the coffee out, and you have to take the lid off for the last cup. But otherwise they love the machine and don't mind the minor oddity. They have:

    The zojirushi I have not owned but I am sure it would be a decent machine, they are a good company. When I am at the store today I will test the lid and see and report back.

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      To further expand, taking the lid off and on of my parents machine is very easy, only one time in the 4 years they've owned it did the lid go one strange and that was from a guest putting it on and i have no idea how they got it on strange.

      As far as the zojirushi, I wasn't able to really look at a similar model today, likely I will be in another store tomorrow that sells them so I can report back on that later, but today I looked at a couple, but completely different style so yeah.

      I saw:

      and obviously the lids were easy to get off, but I will try to find a thermos type one tomorrow or the next day.

      1. re: TeRReT

        Goodness, thank you! Great information, so kind of you do this!

        You'll want to knock me on the head but now I'm not sure if Zojirushi is in the running. I looked at several machines online and got a bit mixed-up, I think. I need one that has a setting for brewing a few cups and it doesn't look like it's got that. Ugh.

        Here's what I'm after:

        Thermal carafe that isn't fiddly to deal with


        gold-tone filter

        brews at proper (or at least as close as possible) temp.

        No built-in grinder

        Less than 150. Preferably around 100 or less.

        Setting for brewing just a few cups

        Don't do my legwork for me,though, I just goofed. Features and machines were swimming in my head and I'll be heading back to the drawing board. :)

        Thank you SO much for your kind help, TeRReT! Above and beyond, for sure!!

        1. re: AnneMarieDear

          Its really no problem, I enjoy coffee and I have experience with one cuisinart. I am in Japan now and I go shopping every day and all of the grocery stores have electronics, zojirushi in particular in abundance, so I just walk down that aisle which i normally do anyways.

          As far as all of those requirements, there are many machines that will work for you. Cuisinart alone probably has at least 5 that fit that requirement, and zojirushi has at lease one:

          The last is an interesting one, I understand the programmable, but on demand is kind of nice as well. I don't know for sure if they come with the gold basket, my mother's did but they might not now, if they don't then you can get one separate for those machines and its only 50 cents.

          Now as far as the quality of all of these machines I can't speak for all of them, but my parents coffee machine lasted 4 years using it every day until it sprung a leak which they could not fix themselves, and the warranty for it was only 3 years. They bought another cuisinart to replace it as they enjoyed it so much, they got a slightly different one by mistake, they meant to get the same but forgot the model number, they are still happy with it, its just 10 cups instead of 12 and not quite as nice a grinder which is a non-issue for you. They were happy with the quality of coffee as was I when I drank it.

          The cuisinart has a filter in it that they suggest replacing every 6 months, my parents did notice at around 6 months coffee would take longer to brew, and once they replaced the filter it was fast again, they like the fact it filtered the water and could replace the filters, it helped the machine to calcify less as well. If i remember correctly the filters were 2 for $6 or so which isn't too expensive and they were readily available in sears, canadian tire, the bay, home outfitters, etc

          I don't know how zojirushi is for making coffee, but they are an extremely popular company here in Japan and I know that all of their products are good quality so I am sure it would be good, I just can't speak from personal experience for it.

          There are probably other companies that would be fine as well, but I only know what I've said :P

    2. I have the Zojirushi shown in the following link, and have no problems with the lid.

      1. I'm on my second Zojirushi now. Easy to clean and use.
        The lid is very easy to screw on and off.
        The only drawback (IMO) to the lid is that to pour a cup the dot on the lid and carafe need to line up. I've heard in other's comments that if they are lined up when brewing coffee gets spit out and not into the carafe. This has NEVER happened to me.
        If you are using under a counter be aware this unit produces a lot of steam out of the top.
        Highly recommend.

        1. I have the Cuisinart with the built in coffe grinder. If you have trouble putting the lid on the carafe, do NOT use brute force just try shifting it a bit and have another go.

          1. If I had to pick something in your price range, I'd go for the Bunn Phase Brew or Bonavita BV1800. I know those two will brew at the correct temperatures. I'm not so sure about the Cuisinart Brew Central -- that one doesn't say anything about brewing at the certain temperatures.