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Mar 18, 2012 05:20 PM

Seitan Worship

Some friends and I are doing a vegetarian/vegan challenge. I chose the vegan route (scary lab tests results are my motivation). I tried seitan and tempeh years ago and hated it. Since then I have tried seitan at a restaurant and was pleasantly surprised. I figured I wouldn't use meat substitutes this time, but a vegan cookbook I just bought has me considering trying it again. I am a better cook now and my budget is less tight so I can afford a better quality product. Are there any brands or pre-cooked preparations out there that are worth my trying? I read on CH where someone smoked seitan and it was really good. Are there other preparations or recipes that are really good? I am looking for positive experiences with meat substitutes.

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  1. I await responses with great interest. I've been vegan for 3 months, but have not been able to bring myself to eat any of these fake meats. (BTW, after 2 months, my BP and cholesterol numbers were fantastic, so it's been absolutely worth it. Best of luck to you!)

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      Thanks pikawicca, I need that encouragement. If I try something out I'll post it.

    2. I have no idea about brands, but it might be worth checking out an Asian market.

      I'm an omnivore and I generally dislike meat substitutes, although I like tofu cooked as tofu. The only fake meats I've actually enjoyed have been at Chinese vegan restaurants - notably, a vegan beef soup, and a vegan lamb stew at (of all things) a fantastic vegan South American restaurant in Tapei. The taste is not quite the same, but the texture was remarkably like well stewed beef.

      1. Responding just so I get the updates. I have not tried seitan, but I adore tempeh and tofu--tempeh especially was a revelation, as I just tried it about a year ago but I've been vegetarian for eons now. I would love some tried-and-true recipes!

        1. Smoked, or marinated pressed tofu has a firm enough texture to slice, or dice. Available at all Asian markets.

          1. This is my favorite way, kao fu. The recipe looks good but my MIL makes it and I can't stop eating it.