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Mar 18, 2012 05:17 PM

Looking for spice rack that holds spice bottles horizontally

I have quite a few spices in the kitchen cabinet and finding them can at times be hard given the quantity. The spices need to go into this cabinet due to space limitations. Most counter sitting racks seem to hold spices vertically making reading them improbable. The easier method I see is having the caps labelled and storing the spices horizontally which would save me a lot of space. I can store a lot more spices horizontally than vertically. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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  1. - I think there's a 4 drawer option as well. I love these, they've really helped organized our spice cabinet.

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      Looks nice but not exactly what I am looking for. The act of having to pull out the drawers seems like a lot of work.

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        No, its really not... there are three drawers and I generally have my spices organized so I don't have to do a lot of pulling (e.g a herb drawer, a hot stuff drawer, etc). Its really made our spice storage a lot more sane, especially since I by small bottles from Penzey's to avoid things getting too old, so a LOT fit inside this thing.

        This is actually where I bought the item from:

    2. I used to have something like this, but in a larger size. I don't know about having it inside a cabinet, though. Maybe having it on a cabinet door could work for you if it didn't interfere with closing the door.

      1. Another endorsement for the YouCopia spice rack. It holds a lot of spice and herb bottles, you can put it in a cupboard or on a countertop, and so far it's been quite durable.

        1. If you want to do a DIY solution. Take your bottles with labels on the top...glue a thin rare earth magnet on the bottom and you can now attach them to steel sheet which you've attached to your wall.

          imagine something like this..only using bottles instead of steel containers.

          You can buy rare earth magnets pretty cheapily off and sheet of steel can be bought at HomeDepot

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            I did something similar, but I glued the magnets to the lids of baby-food-sized jars and mounted cookie sheets under my cabinets so that they hang vertically. They're easily accessible and don't take up either counter space or cabinet space.