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Mar 18, 2012 05:02 PM

Portland, ME--Fore Street, Hugo's or 555

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Portland, ME next weekend, and I can't decide where to make a reservation for Saturday night. I LOVE the idea of Fore St., but noticed that the reviews are a bit mixed as of late. I've heard great things about the other two, also. I would certainly choose Hugo's for the 2 for 1 6 course tasting menu, but my boyfriend doesn't eat fish (and I'd be nervous a few courses would be fish--Portland being a fisherman's town and all). He eats all other seafood (and everything else for that matter), but can't stomach fish.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. I would have recommended Hugo's easily, especially since the 6 (and 8 course) 2 for 1 tasting is such a steal, but there will be fish courses, probably more than one.They are still offering their ala cart menu, if you go that route, figure 3 courses per person. My next pick would be Fore Street. Haven't eaten there in a few years, but in the past they always delivered solidly cooked meats and fish. Not the most innovative, but always delicious in my experience. I had an underwhelming experience at 555, and cannot recommend it, though others love it. I had what they called on the menu, they're "famous" doughnut for dessert. It was the most leaden piece of fried dough I've ever had the misfortune of trying to eat. I didn't finish it, and I love sweets of all kinds. My wife took one small bite of hers and promptly spit it into her napkin. If that's what you're famous for, I wouldn't really be too proud of it. We had a three course prix frix, and honestly I can't remember any of the meal, except that the whole time we were wishing we were almost anywhere else.

    1. Recently had the tasting (8 course) at Hugo's and half were fish so, unfortunately for you, that probably would not work though, as Kimfair states, you can still order off the menu. I've never had anything that wasn't excellent at Fore Street. Haven't been to 555 for a real long time but the love for it has been lacking lately. If these don't work for you, other great "high end" options include Bresca (very small, great food and even better dessert), Emilitsa (not your grandmothers Greek and often overlooked) and Back Bay Grill (has never disappointed). Good luck. Oh yeah, hit the bar at Grace before or after dinner - very cool space.

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        Completely agree with Bobbert's alternatives suggestions (we're huge BBG and Bresca fans), and would add one: Bar Lola: consistently interesting, very well prepared menu with a great "mix and match" option for mingling pas, small plates, and entrees, and a great chef's choice prix fixe. Could definitely stay away from fish on everything except the tasting.