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Mar 18, 2012 04:07 PM

Sour Pickles

Does anyone know any Houston stores which sell "Batampte" brand sour garlic pickles or any other sour garlic pickles, for that matter?


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  1. It looks like Rice Epicurean carries some products from Ba-Tampte (I haven't seen them there myself, but it was the first hit when I ran a search for the brand name and Houston).

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    1. Spec's Warehouse in Midtown carries Ba-Tampte pickles. Love the garlic dill and half sour pickles.

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      1. re: vergilius

        Thank you. I am new to Houston. Where is Spec's Midtown?

        1. re: Larry1700

          Map for Spec's Midtown location.

          Also, I saw a Batampte product at Central Market today. It wasn't pickles, but mustard I think at the deli counter. However, if they have one...

          And here's a map for Central Market:

          Both of those stores are fun to shop.

          BTW, I don't know where you're coming from, but liquor stores, (which Spec's technically is), are not open on Sunday, so don't try to go there tomorrow. (Just a "heads-up".)

          1. re: DoobieWah

            I've been to that store (to buy a certain exotic brand of whiskey.) I just didn't know it was considered "mid town!" Thank you.

            I've been to Central Market several times but forgot to look there for pickles. I will try again.

            I moved here from the Seattle -- WA has state owned liquor stores. Yuck.

      2. All of the grocery stores that serve the Meyerland area will have Kosher departments and will carry some Batampte products.

        Kroger Signature, W. Bellfort @ S. Post Oak - I've bought them here before but store is undergoing major remodeling and saw a lot of empty shelves on a visit earlier this week. Didn't look for the pickles.

        HEB - S. Braeswood @ Chimney Rock - older, dumpy store with small Kosher dept. I've bought the mustard there before but try to avoid the store at all costs.

        Belden's - N. Braeswood @ Chimney Rock, great local, one-of-a-kind store, biggest selection of Kosher pdts in town but a bit pricier.

        Also, probably the Randall's on S. Post Oak @ W. Bellfort. I know they have a kosher department but I've never checked it out.

        As far as others there are two Russian delis in the Meyerland area that make their own 'lightly brined cucumbers' that I like better than Batampte; I've had some Batampte that were really brackish::

        The Russian General Store - Hillcroft @ S. Braeswood

        Golden Grains - on Birdwood, a mostly residential street a couple blocks north of Beldens.

        Small stores means home-made products may not always be in stock.

        Meyerland is off the southwest corner of Loop 610.