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Mar 18, 2012 03:45 PM

ATLANTIS DINING: What to eat, what to avoid?

I'm going on a ladies trip to Atlantis in early May. We are not doing the meal plan. Wondering what restaurants are worthwhile and how to eat (somewhat) cheaply. Advice, ideas, etc. welcome!

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  1. Hi swankalicious - we were recently at Atlantis and I can tell you, you're in for a treat. It's not the cheapest of vacations but it is a crazy fun place to go.

    We travelled with young children, and stayed at Harborside, so we saved a lot of money by shopping for groceries and eating the majority of breakfasts and dinners in our room. Which building are you staying in? Do you have any kind of a fridge or kitchen set-up?

    Mostly everything at Atlantis is overpriced. The same large bottle of water that you buy for $1.50-$2 at the supermarket will cost you $5-$6.50 at the various resort shops and $8-$9 at one of the poolside snack bars. If you get nothing else from the supermarket (stop on your way in from the airport or take a short walk over the bridge or shuttle to the supermarket - you can easily get a cab back), stock up on 4 litre bottles of water and bring your own water bottles to fill and take to the pool each day. If you run out, the Starbucks in Marina Village (and presumably the other one in the Coral Towers) has the cheapest prices we saw on the resort.

    So consider bringing down or buying some simple breakfast groceries - cereals, bread, yoghurt, cheese, etc. Going out for breakfast, your least expensive options are the little cafeteria-style spots they set up in the hotel lobbies for Continental brekkies - bagels, pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt, coffee. If you want a cooked meal, you can eat at Virgil's (Coral Towers). The most expensive options are the various buffets.

    We bought all of our lunches at the poolside snack bars - they all offer pretty similar selections of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads, fries, etc. They also sell bags of fresh cut fruit or veggies. Prices are high for what it is but not too crazy - you'll spend maybe $10-$15 each, depending on whether or not you're getting drinks as well.

    For dinners, Murray's Deli and Marina Pizza are probably the least expensive (and most casual) options on the resort. We didn't eat dinner there but the Virgil's bbq place is probably next up the chain. In Marina Village, there's Bimini Grill and Johnny Rocket's.We actually had a decent dinner at the Chinese restaurant - Chopstix. Outside of that, the overpricing starts to get way crazy. I've never eaten at Nobu or Mesa or any of those spots - food is probably decent but youc can easily spend $100+ a person at those spots.

    Depending on how long you're there for, I would recommend going off the resort at least once. We had one lovely dinner at the nearby Green Parrot, a short 5 minute walk from Marina Village it's a casual spot with bar-style food (burgers, conch fritters, etc.) - prices are decent, the service very friendly and you sit right by the marina and the food was quite good. The quesadilias were great.

    Hope that helps. Have fun!

    1. We were at Atlantis last year. Agree with everything Peppermint wrote. Murray's was good, we were able to get seated fairly quickly. We didn't care for Bimini Grill. There was a restaurant in the casino (I can't remember the name), that was very good. Chopstix was awesome. Great, fresh food. We treated ourselves to Nobu on the last night. Definately expensive, but it is the one meal we still talk (and dream) about. Fantastic food. Around $100 per person Whatever you decide, make sure you make reservations! Except Murray's and the pizza place, you cannot get into the restaurants until 10-11 pm. without reservations. Have a great trip, and let us know what you decide on