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Mar 18, 2012 03:34 PM

Unpretentious traditional/country dinner in Cordoba and Granada?

Hi, everybody! I'm going to Cordoba and Granada next week and would love to find places for dinner without pretension that serve regular traditional/country food. While cheapness is not a criterion, the places I am happiest with usually aren't expensive. Atmosphere is completely unimportant. I would love places that are not frequented by tourists. My Spanish is adequate to the task. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Wow. Is there really nothing? Yikes . . . How about just a residential, non-touristed neighborhood that has a mediocre restaurant? Any help appreciated!

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    1. re: vulpine

      Good tapas at Taberna Salinas: salmorejo, flamenquines and berenjenas con miel (eggplant with honey).

      Taberna Santos on Calle Magistral González Francés 3 for THICK tortilla!
      My choice for lunch: Mesón Juan Peña on Calle del Doctor Fleming 1.

        1. re: JuanDoe

          I would have recommended Taberna Salinas as well, but vulpine seems to be looking for some sort of rural type restaurant that's tourist free. We went to Taberna Salinas because it was listed in our Lonely Planet Spain. I really love Salinas, though. The decor service and food were quite nice. And they seem to be sticklers about being as traditional as possible.

          Would you really call their food tapas, though? The place is not a bar and on the menu they are described as "platos". To me the portions seemed more like media-raciónes or even raciónes than tapas.