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Mar 18, 2012 03:28 PM

New Gas Oven Suggestions [moved from New Jersey board]

We are in the market for a new 36" gas oven/range (freestanding). I love to cook, but don't need anything fancy. We can spend up to about $3,000. I was looking at Bertazzoni, but the ovens don't have a temp control, only low, medium, high. That kind of turned me off, in addition to comments from reviewers that there are hot spots in the oven. I then looked at Smeg, but reviewers seem to comment they are more about looks than a quality oven.

I currently have a Magic Chef that was in our house when we bought it. So you see where I'm coming from! Anything is a step up from that, haha. I don't need self-cleaning (although that would be nice), and I don't need rotisserie, convection, anything like that, just an oven with a broiler and burners on top! But I do want a beautiful range, either in stainless steel or retro looking, maybe red or burgundy. I also want it to be easy to use and of course not be a piece of junk. Five burners would be nice, or with a griddle or even a grill on it.

What do y'all have out there and happy with? Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Here are a couple of links that might help you out. I have no experience with any of these but some are close to your budget. Others you may need to request a quote.

    We have been using a BlueStar 48 inch for a few years and love it. Never a problem. But it is more than your budget. And it is not fancy. Not even a timer or clock on it. Good luck.

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      thanks for the great links! Do you know anything about Verona? I did want a Blue Star, but knew it was out of my price range, unfortunately. I really appreciate the info.

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        Sorry, I don't know anything about the Verona. As the poster willtv said, you might try garden web.

    2. You might also try posting your question to the Gardenweb Appliances forum.
      Here's a link.