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Mar 18, 2012 02:40 PM

cooking in a ceramic tagine

I just got a beautiful glazed ceramic tagine,made for me by a dear friend. She thought it would be oven/dishwasher/microwave safe, but recommended not using it on my gas stove. I've een looking at tagine recipes and see thatmost of them recommend stovetop cooking. Does anyone know if I can use this tagine on a stove? Or if ovens work just as well for tagines?

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  1. You are risking breaking in on top of the stove. I believe you can make recipes in the oven and if you need to saute things ahead of time you could do that in another pan and then transfer it to the tangine. You might also want to think twice about putting it "cold" into a hot oven, better to let it heat up along with the oven.

    1. Some tagines can go on the stove, others can't. Since your friend made it, she knows best if it would work. I would not use it on the stove. There are many tagine recipes out there you can do in the oven. Or you can start on the stove, transfer to the tagine, and finish in the oven.