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Mar 18, 2012 02:40 PM

Valencia St. dining with kosher & gluten free restrictions

7 of us are going to The Marsh this coming Friday and among us there are 2 gluten-free types and a Kosher guy. Oy. At least the GF people are medically in need of this and not just trendy posers! Any suggestions?

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    1. Is the kosher guy kosher style (perhaps vegetarian and fish are fine, but no meat or poultry or shellfish)? If so, that makes it much easier than needing to find some place kosher-certified (of which there are few in the Bay Area, and there none open Friday evenings).

      It seems like there are plenty of choices nearby that would almost certainly work - Dosa, Udupi Palace, Herbivore, a couple sushi places, Cha Ya, Delfina, Commonwealth, Gracias Madre, etc.

      I think the big questions are a) price point, and b) making sure you can find a reservation to acomodate 7 people.

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      1. re: milklady

        If gluten-free for medical reasons = must avoid cross-contamination, I think Pica Pica might be about it.

      2. udupi palace - i think DOSA might need to be avoided for cross-contamination purposes

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          1. re: vulber

            If they can't eat at DOSA, they can't eat at Udupi palace. There is gluten all over the kitchen.

            On the other hand, if the gluten allergy isn't that strict. Both Udupi and DOSA, should have plenty of dishes that do not use gluten. DOSA may actually be better informed on the subject than Udupi. I would call ahead to make sure you have the confidence that they know what they are talking about.