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Mar 18, 2012 02:33 PM

Suggestions for a 30th birthday surprise party

Hi all,

I'm hoping to throw my boyfriend a surprise party for his 30th birthday this coming September. It would be a small-ish party with most likely 25 people. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are casual people, so nothing too fancy or expensive.


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  1. Can you help with the expense?

    Also, are there particular areas of the city, that you would like, and any special cuisine?

    Happy surprise b'day for BF,


    1. Standard questions: what part of town, what day/night of the week, what type of food, sit down or passed hors d'ouvres? Since we do not know your tastes, translate "nothing too fancy or expensive" What do you want to spend per person, liquor, beer, tax and tip?

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        Really any part of town would work, I guess closer to the French Quarter just because I hope to have some family from out of town and I'm sure they'd like to go there. Any type of food, passed hors d'ourves would be best. I've never really thrown a party before so I'm not sure what the ranges would be for alcohol per person.

      2. Domenica is pricey for mains...but they have the cool 3-6 happy hour. You could have a multipart go there for pizza and stuff and then adjourn home for a surprise cake and balloons. You could have the friends from the pizza beat you home by having to do some errand or something....???

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          Ditto Domenica. They offer small/large plates which are great for sharing. Clam pizza, lasagna, mushroom soup, squash blossoms (when available) are standouts.