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Mar 18, 2012 01:18 PM

Moving to Milwaukee - would love vegetarian-friendly restaurant recs!

I've been a "lurker" for awhile on CH but am encouraged to delurk with a question about your favorite restaurants in Milwaukee. My family is planning a move, and we'd love to think about food in between all the dreaded packing! Since most of us are vegetarian, with one fish eater among our ranks, we'll regretfully be missing out on the decadent-sounding buttery burgers - but we're always up for french fries!

Here are our wish list cuisines, but we are open to any and all recommendations:


We also love:

Gelato/ice cream/frozen yogurt
NY-style pizza and bagels
Recs. for your favorite coffee appreciated, too!

Finally, we don't drink much out, but when we do, we're suckers for wine bar-type places, riffs on old-school cocktails, and Belgian beer.

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  1. One of the better vegetarian places we have been to is on East North Avenue close to Lake Michigan:

    It is inexpensive, offers a good selection of vegetarian items and is family friendly.

    Somewhere a bit more upscale is Roots Restaurant and Wine Bar. It is not strictly vegetarian but they do offer some vegetarian and vegan items from time to time in a nice setting with views. Their seafood is good as well for the fish eater in your family.

    West Bank Cafe has some good vegetarian Vietnamese as well as non-vegetarian items. Inexpensive, casual and family friendly.

    Alterra has some of the best coffee around.

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      These sound wonderful - thank you so much!

    2. You didnt say where you are moving FROM, but if you are from New York, you will probably be severely disappointed by the bagels here. Milwaukee has many great things going for it, but bagels are not one of them. A cain called Brueger's is likely your best bet. The bagels from the bakery at Sendik's store are usually OK, but not great.

      For pizza, you have more and better choices. My own favorite is Lalli's around 88th & North Ave. A real neighborhood place, cash only, and only in the last few months did they even have a website:

      Cold Spoon Gelato is at 60th & Vliet and is my own personal favorite.

      It happenes to be right across the street from Meritage, and excellent restaurant that does have some vegetarian options at all times and might provide you with the wine bar atmosphere that you seek.

      I suppose everyone has their own favorite fries; mine are at The 4th Base, at 51st & National. It is a neighborhood sports bar, and not otherwise too vegetarian friendly, but the fries are incredible. If there are only two of you, a half order will likely be plenty.!

      The recommendation for Alterra Coffee is correct, and they have shops all over town.

      1. For Indian food in a casual setting you have two great and very cheap options; Bombay Sweets and Indian Bazaar.

        Also for the best Vegetarian bar food around, check out Palomino Bar.