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Mar 18, 2012 01:16 PM

3 breakfats, 2 lunches and 2 dinners in Newport. Please advise.

My S.O. and I are trying to squeeze in a midweek escape to Newport before the season starts. 2 nights. Just one of those places that always missed my radar and I have no preconceived notions. Figure 1 "fancy" dinner but otherwise we want good food. All styles and varieties of food and setting are fine. Even coming from Boston, we would be happy with a lobster roll and fried clams if they are truly the best food available. Also any morning coffee spots either with breakfast or worth going to on way to breakfast would be great.


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  1. Some good dinner choices:
    Tallulah on Thames
    Perro Salado

    Definitely hit up Franklin Spa for breakfast. Corner Cafe is another good breakfast spot. For lunch, Rosemary and Thyme has good sandwiches.

    Coffee? We like the Coffee Grinder
    East Ferry Deli in Jamestown is also good for coffee and a muffin, and has great views


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      Good to know. Thank you for the tips. Probably going the first week of April, so everyone feel free to add your two cents

    2. We visited Newport last week and had a great meal at Bouchard. Had asparagus in puff pastry, semi boneless rock cornish hen, DC had fois gras. Each dish was excellent. Another meal was at the Mooring which was fine but not noteworthy; they do have a nice bar area though.

      1. In my view Tallulah is the best dinner in Newport now. Around $50pp for 3 course prix-fixe, excluding wine, tax & tip, and worth every penny.

        1. If you want a good breakfast and don't mind going to a little dive where the locals go, try Gary's Handy Lunch on Lower Thames. My daughter, a student at Salve, turned us on to this place. Nothing fancy, but good, eggs, pancakes and french toast.

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              Love Gary's handy lunch for eggs & Linguica also HIGHLY recommend Perro Salado.

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                Another vote for Gary's. Chorizo omlette!

                1. re: Tinkerbelldee

                  Jumping on the bandwagon for Gary's.
                  The coffee at Peoples Cafe on upper Thames across from the waterfront / harbor area has decent coffee. You can grab a cup to go and take a nice walk along the harbor.

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                    I'm sorry but I had the worst "grilled cheese" @ Gary's...I don't consider grilled cheese to have two toasted pieces of wonder bread w/a slice of velveeta in between which is then just microwaved....not very appetizing. I could see why a student would like this place but if you're visiting NP there are many other options for breakfast or lunch.