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Mar 18, 2012 01:13 PM

New (?) Italian on Route One, Falmouth ME??

I just noticed that the place the originals Hugo's decamped to (on Route One in Falmouth) has gone Italian. My net research indicates it might be called "Hugs Italian". OMG.

Anyone been there?? Reports?

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  1. Well I just found their website. It does NOT look promising...

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      It's a sister restaurant to the extremely popular Hugs at Sugarloaf. Good family Italian--addictive pesto breadsticks, family-style salad, and the usuals. Haven't been to this one (it's been open for a year give or take), but the one at the 'loaf is reliable, always good, sometimes excellent. It's funky (indoor umbrella tables) an fun. If you're seeking haute Italian, this isn't the place, but its notches above red sauce palaces.