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Mar 18, 2012 11:40 AM

Mosaic District opening Fall 2012 in Merrifield, VA

This is good news, the concept of recruiting local restaurant favorites rather than bringing in national chains. I hope it works for them.

"Jeff Black of Black Restaurant Group is set to open a new venue in fall 2012 at the new mixed-use
Mosaic District development in Merrifield, Virginia. Instead of bringing in national restaurant chains, the Mosaic District’s developers recruited local favorites, like Taylor Gourmet, Cava Mezze, Matchbox, and Black’s new restaurant. The concept for the venue has yet to be determined, but Black aims to create the largest raw bar on the East Coast, with 25 or 30 varieties of oysters."

- From bizbash:

Here is the webiste with quite a bit of detail on the retailers:

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  1. When I had Red Apron had plans to open in Merrifield, I scratched my head - But now seeing what they are a part of, it makes perfect sense!

    1. More a comment on web site design than food, but I looked all over the Mosaic District web page and couldn't find out just where this is located. Can you give me a clue? A cross street? Probably Lee Highway and something. There's a lot of construction around what might be considered "Merrifield" these days.

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      1. re: MikeR

        Lee Hwy. and Gallows Road, more or less as the epicenter. It's friggin' huge.

      2. This is such a major upgrade for the area. Just north of the intersection was the legendary Dad's Backyard Burgers, which had a devil of a time getting opened, then was open for all of TWO WEEKS before being forced to close due to the construction. I actually had a Dad's burger and it was pretty good.

        I've been trying to get to Matchbox with my kids for years, now I think we'll finally get there!

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        1. re: Bob W

          There is also an outpost of the famous Mario's in the shopping center there. Same great steak and cheese as the original Wilson Blvd. location. AFAIC, this is a far more important development than Mosaic for Merrifield.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            Mario's? Shopping Center? The shopping center with the Great Wall, Five Guys, Uncle Lui's, and the big thrift shop?

            I haven't been up there in a while (mostly due to the horror show from the construction of what I guess is the new Mosaic center, but there was a food shop near Five Guys that keeps changing hands. Maybe that's now Mario's.

            Too greasy for me, though. When I'm there for a quick lunch, I'll stick with the Five Guys. It seems to be one of the more consistent of the local ones of the (now too big) chain.

            1. re: MikeR

              The Mario's is at the shopping center with the H-Mart. Cafe Raouche in the same shopping center has pretty good Lebanese food.

              1. re: ChewFun

                Oh, around the corner, then. I've had lunch at that Lebanese place, but not for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

                I've found the reborn Lebanese Butcher restaurant (Mount of Olives) to not be very lunch-for-one conducive. I'm not even sure if they're still surviving.

            2. re: flavrmeistr

              Frankly, the cheesesteak and pizza are marginal at Marios. The only reason left to go to Wilson Blvd location is to hang with the guys behind the grill and counter at a classic roadside joint. I'll take the Great Wall bakery and lunch buffet anyday.

              1. re: nickdanger

                Hell. Best steak and cheese anywhere.