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Mar 18, 2012 11:20 AM

Another Bellingham resto opening in May: HomeSkillet!

"Good cheap food in Sunnyland"! Drove past it the other day, and if the food is as good as the exterior looks, we're in for a treat!

Personally, I'm looking forward to trying one of these:

Marinated Grilled Portobello/Tofu grinder with roasted garlic and carrot “aioli” and rocket… WF-Vegan

-Po Boys- Mini Crab, Shrimp or Salmon Cakes with roasted red pepper aioli or our spicy ajo sauce on Baguette

--add side green salad, cup of soup or hand cut fries or sweet potato fries or tater tots to any of the above…..


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  1. You're on a roll, LC ! Mmmmm, I could spring for either of those crab/shrimp/crab cake po' boys !

    Or the chicken fried steak sandwich, with traditional (hopefully white/sawmill) gravy :-)

    1. Getting close to their opening day. Wonder if they'll have a pre-launch event of sorts .....

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        I think they already had one dinner that was a Facebook invite thing, or it could still be coming up. I might wait a few weeks for them to work out the kinks before checking it out, though.

        1. re: laurachow

          Cool. Keep us updated :-)

          I guess I'll just have to take the Victoria Day long wknd in May to come down and check them out :-)

      2. I thought it looked really interesting too.
        So...whoever gets there first...... Please report back here :)

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          1. re: LotusRapper

            I probably won't have opportunity to get there for another week or longer.

        1. We ate at Homeskillet this morning...
          They serve breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday, breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Friday. No dinners at this time. There was quite a crowd waiting outside when we arrived; a 20 minute wait was predicted, but it didn't take that long. We ate at the counter with a view into the fast moving kitchen, and watched many interesting (and large!) breakfasts leave the kitchen window. I saw a breakfast burrito being served, I'd say it was enough to serve two or three people, and the contents looked good.
          Mr. NS had biscuits and chorizo gravy with eggs, which he declared placed in the upper end of the biscuits and gravy quality spectrum. I had the Mexi skillet, which includes eggs, black beans, onions, pepper, etc. It usually includes potatoes, but I requested they be left out. The waiter balked briefly, saying I'd only be getting eggs and beans. Not to worry, it was still too much to eat. Nicely seasoned, and very tasty.
          We very rarely go out to lunch, but the lunch menu looks good too.

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          1. re: L.Nightshade

            Glad you had a good brekkie at HomeSkillet. I've been following their Facebook and decided to wait until things calmed down a bit. Sounds like they have been swamped since opening and are scrambling to add staff and keep up with demand. Even with all of that, you still got some tasty food so that is an excellent sign of even better things to come!

            1. re: L.Nightshade

              Great report, LN.

              We had planned to come down yesterday (Victoria Day long weekend Monday) for a day trip, but we got rained out. We'll be down this coming weekend but will be part of a retreat the whole time, so not sure if we'll be able to hit Home Skillet for brekkie. But will definitely try to stop off at Trader Joe's on our way home.

              That Mexi skillet resembles a heuvos rancheros ?

              Maybe like Laura, we'll let things settle a bit first. So on the weekend they don't even serve lunch ? :-(

              1. re: LotusRapper

                They also have huevos rancheros on the menu, a different dish. In the Mexi skillet the eggs are scrambled, and it is supposed to have potatoes, I just declined them.
                And, yes, breakfast only on the weekends. Here are their hours:
                And here is their menu:

                The place was packed, but it thinned, just a bit, closer to noon. Especially considering they are new, and were very busy, service was prompt and pleasant, and the food bustled out of the kitchen.

            2. After two visits we'd give it a "meh" and hope for improvement.

              Last Sunday I had the Meat Lovers HomeSkillet -- homefries mixed with chunks of bacon, ham, and sausage, topped with eggs. The potato/meat part was good as the meats provided much needed seasoning to the potatoes, but the scrambled eggs were very overcooked (tough, dried, and singed). Mrs. Puzzler had eggs, homefries and toast -- same overcooked scrambled eggs, bland potatoes, and burnt toast.

              This morning I had sides of homefries, chorizo gravy (somewhat bland), tough scrambled eggs, and very good biscuits. Mrs. Puzzler had the Mexi-skillet, which was unseasoned and fairly blah, topped with tough scrambled eggs, plus had to ask for the included salsa and sourcream to be served. With those added and a dosing of Black Market medium hot sauce it approached a modest flavor.

              Eggs take a deft hand at cooking --- I hope they find one.

              Next time I'll try a side of their pork green chile to dump on some homefries and eggs. If the green chile is good it can cover a number of sins.