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Mar 18, 2012 11:17 AM

DJ's Bistro in Concord

A colleague and I decided to try out all the Polish/German/Eastern European places near Walnut Creek and Concord. Recently we visited DJ's Bistro on Sutter Street in Concord.

I ordered the small portion of jaeger schnitzel, a breaded pork loin with spaetzle and red cabbage for $8. That this was the small portion was almost unbelievable--the loin covered most of the plate, as you'll see in the attached photo. The quality of the pork was good--it was tender, with a lovely flaky fresh-fried crust. The loin was parked on top of a small pool of mushroom sauce, which was nice--I appreciated that I could try the crust before it was drowned out by a cream sauce en route to the table.

I love spaetzle in general, but didn't love this one. The texture was off, with some hard knobby bits. I suspected that it had been cooked earlier in the day and quickly pan-fried again before hitting my plate. The cabbage was just OK--I like cooked red cabbage, but like a little more spark to it. The texture was nice and silky, though.

Overall, the pork was great, and the meal itself felt like a good value. Very friendly service. I would visit again.

DJ's Bistro
1825 C Sutter Street, Concord, CA 94520

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  1. had the wienerschnitzel (10.50) here a while ago. portions were huge. an authentic german place would charge 16 for the same meal.

    as the only nonwhite diner here, the other diners kept staring (not too friendly) at me. i had the feeling they didn't want me dining there. service was cursory. waitress was courteous but.....

    didn't hear any german sprechen. a poster on y. says this place is czech-owned.

    chopin cafe is much more congential and friendly. (very busy too)

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      That's too bad that you had that experience. DJ's was busy when we were there--not full, but maybe six tables (of a 10-ish table small restaurant) were occupied.

      We went to Chopin Cafe a few months back and loved it.

      1. re: shanghaikid

        Admittedly it's been some years since my single visit there, but I wanted to say that I felt very welcome. We had stopped in earlier in the day for a brew, had a nice chat with the owners and folks at the bar, and decided to come back for dinner. Yes, it is Czech-owned. And after eating at DJ's the food I had in Prague at beer halls was a big letdown.

      2. Just went here with a friend a few days ago. I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel while my friend got the Hungarian Goulash. Both of us really enjoyed our dishes (which btw were massive), and felt very welcome by the waitress (she's a Bulgarian EFL student and gave some of the best service I've had in a while). Both the food and beer were good value, the fresh flowers were a nice touch, and the place seemed well-liked given its daytime drinking crew, and how busy it got by 6. If I hadn't been to Chopin Cafe or Baboushka, I would definitely return here next time I'm in Contra Costa County.

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        1. re: timeo

          Ha! You hit two of the other stops on my long ago pork tour of Contra Costa. How is Babushka these days?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Oh my bad, I phrased that last sentence really poorly. I meant that I haven't been to Chopin or Babushka so I want to go there next time I'm in CC were the three in relation to each other when you went?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              The deli area is great, Melanie. I think it's better than Delikateski, which makes me sad because I'm Polish but I'm selling out to the Russians ;) ... oh well, at least the Polish folks at Chopin are still doing good work.

              1. re: jmarek

                Thanks for the more recent take for timeo, jmarek! I haven't had a chance to swing by any of them after enjoying all three on my first visit. Does Babushka still have the disco ball in the dining room? :) I still remember that sausage soup. And I adored Chopin.