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Maker's Mark bourbon - faux wax seal?

Anyone else tired of the dripping plastic over the cap? That ain't wax. You could build aircraft wings with that stuff, and not the Icarus kind. Or slice your hand or wrist trying to get to the innards. My happy hour was delayed 12 minutes yesterday for the marketing schtick. It should include a Band-aid. 2 thumbs down, but fortunately still attached...

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  1. Had the same "experience" with a 2010 Lapierre Beaujolais--totally phony effect and very annoying.
    (I do remember real seal waxed on old Calvados, even a double bottle size of Chianti a long time back...and they too were a pain but at least, the breakage came easily...)

    1. Dunno, but I've never had a problem opening a bottle . . .

      1. I've never really struggled with Maker's Mark, but Michel Couvier single malt is sealed with an extremely hard brittle phenolic-like substance. Not only is it really hard to get off, but it stinks. You need to be really careful to not get crumbs into the bottle. Its the most difficult bottle that I've ever opened, but somehow I'm willing to suffer through it for the rewards.

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          Agreed. That $#!+ is MESSY . . . and stinky!

        2. Switch to Knob Creek, it has a pull tab for it's wax? cap.

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            Plus its a better Bourbon. IMO of course.

          2. Pro tip: Smash the top of the bottle open with a hammer, then pour the liquid through a tea strainer to get rid of the glass shards. 12 minutes down to 45 seconds!

            (Depending on your definition of the word "pro," naturally.)

            1. There's a built in pull tab underneath all that. Took us a bit of searching the first time we bought a bottle but been no problem with every bottle since.

              1. Good reason to try a different bourbon next time. A lot of good stuff out there, and with marketing budgets much smaller than Maker's, you tend to pay less for the same quality.

                1. Yeah, hate the stuff. Earlier this week I spent 10 minutes carefully chipping open a bottle of Ransom Old Tom with a chef's knife and I still got a little shard of plastic in the gin. Damn.

                  1. Thank you! I quit MM for this very reason- it's a mess, it's way to difficult (and yes, I know about the little tab (that's impossible to grip, and then breaks off), and then it's only "pretty good" bourbon.

                    Too much trouble to get to the hooch. And I like Woodford better anyway.

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                    1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

                      Never had a tab that was hard to grip; never had a tab break off . . .

                      1. Although I don't have any Maker's Mark in the house the Willett and Knob Creek wax tops are I fear the same type of wax. Both of these bottles have pull tabs imbedded in the wax

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                          I don't recall having any problem with my Knob Creek, I just pulled a little piece off and it seems pretty soft.

                          Bernheim's Original wheat whiskey has a top like that and I think it was a little harder to crack.

                        2. It's sealing wax, not candle wax. Nothing out of the ordinary. You can buy a stick of it in the stationery to seal your letters. What's the big deal?

                          1. It is sealing wax NOT candle wax. Please SUCK IT UP an move on.

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                              +1, JB...never had an issue with opening my Maker's...or Maker's 46...and the latter bottle proudly rocks a Maker's Mark sweater because I am a bigtime Maker's lover and ambassador...regardless of my tiny wrists and four hand surgeries before I hit the ripe ol' age of 30!

                              But heck, crack a bottle of Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon Single Barrel if you can't deal with the seal! Not you, JB...

                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                must tend to my cat scratch fever...

                                1. re: Veggo

                                  LOLOL! Hissssssssssssssssssssssss!

                                1. re: JB BANNISTER

                                  I may have been drinking when I wrote the above. Please take no offence.

                                  1. re: JB BANNISTER

                                    I love you like a brother, JB. Carry on.

                                2. I saw something on TV (Food Network? seems unlikely, but it was a while ago when food was a concern) showing Maker's Mark employees happily dipping the bottle tops into a red substance. Every hundred or so, they got to dip deeper and make a special swirl.

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                                    I can confirm every single bottle of Maker's Mark is hand dipped. AND, yes, every now and then, they do something called a "Slam Dunk" where a great deal more of the bottle is covered in the red wax including sometimes part of the label (though not any of the important parts as far as the TTB is concerned). However, it is less frequent than every 100 bottles. FWIW, it is way harder than it seems. My bottles looked like a epileptic chimpanzee dipped them. And that was before the tasting.

                                    1. re: ellaystingray

                                      i remember that the dippers do the slam dunk when a grain trolley goes by the finishing bottle line, about 3-4 times per day.

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                                        Disclaimer, I have been a MM ambassador for over a dozen years.

                                        First had it at Ft Knox in 1977. Took the tour guided by the owner's sister, if I remember correctly. The whisky was regional then, and we got to meet a couple of the dippers. They had examples showing that each dipper had their own style. I always searched for the bottle with the long tail down the back as I got to meet the lady that made them.

                                        Originally, the sealing wax had a purpose as the stopper was originally natural cork, and there was a possibility of it drying out or popping off due to temperature change. The wax coating in that style happens to be a registered trademark.

                                        Our tour guide told a couple of stories about herself and the difficulty of sometimes finding the little tape and removing the stopper. Somethings never change.

                                        1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                                          That's interesting info, fellow ambassador! Very cool.

                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                            I stop by twice a year and YOU CAN DIP YOUR OWN BOTTLE in the gift shop. I only do slam dunks as I use them for gifts and I am able to write on the was that covers the front.

                                            1. re: JB BANNISTER

                                              Sounds fun--I hope to get there someday!

                                    2. Where's the cork though? I've had great bourbons and maker's mark is pretty smooth, but why put a screw in top on such a great whiskey? I would love a corked bottle of Maker's Mark

                                      1. the wax seal does suck,but name me a better bourbon for the price and ill happily give up cutting off a wax seal

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                                        1. re: Jack2

                                          Weller 12 yr, Old weller 107, Elijah Craig 12 yr, Elmer T Lee, Old Grand Dad 114, Evan Williams single barrel (and possible BIB), Four roses small batch, Knob Creek, Wild Turkey rare breed and Russell's Reserve. Depending on prices in your area, some of these might be a few bucks more or less but will be in the same ballpark. Maker's is $32 here in NC - siginificantly higher than most of the ones I listed - but is cheaper in some areas of the country.

                                          1. re: ncyankee101

                                            I like the regular Evan Williams with the black label (1783, they call it). I like the taste better and it costs about half.
                                            Is that what you call the BIB?

                                            1. re: TroyTempest

                                              No the BIB (Bottle in Bond) is the 100 proof. I agree that the 1783 is also very good, especially for the price - around here, $15, or half the price of Maker's.

                                              The thing I find interesting about Evan Williams is the very narrow price spread among their lower offerings. For 750s in NC, the green label is $9.75, black label (7 yr) $12.95, BIB (4 yr) $13.95 and 1783 (10 yr) $15.50. I am not sure how accurate those age statements are, as they say the Single barrel is 7 yrs while the barreling / bottling dates on my bottle say 9 1/2 yrs.

                                              I really should mention, I am not much of a fan of MM. I find it smooth to the point of being bland, and much prefer those with some spicy bite to them.

                                              1. re: ncyankee101

                                                100 proof? hmm,maybe ill try that.i always thought evan williams was some bottom shelf cheap stuff though but i was lookin at the single barrel because it seemed to be cheaper then jim beam's single barrel

                                                although the white label has a higher proof then the single barrel

                                                1. re: Jack2

                                                  The green label Evan Williams is used in a lot of bars I have been to as their well Bourbon, though I have had it and it is not bad at all. The rest of their line is considered by many people (myself among them) as outstanding bargains, and the single barrel is widely regarded as a great Bourbon without regards to the price.

                                          2. re: Jack2

                                            You obviously like wheated bourbons. There are a few others that you might like in the same price range. Ncyankee101 listed a couple. But we all have our favorites and there is nothing wrong with that