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Bison Short Ribs YYC

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Does anyone know where I could find bison short ribs in the city? Does Valta still have their Farmer's Market location?

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  1. Sunterra had them last year but they only get them in once or twice a week. Otherwise you should be able to get it from the Bison shop in the Calgary Farmers Market but that's only open Thur-Sun.

    1. Valta Bison didn't reopen their stall in the new (Blackfoot) Calgary Farmer's Market. They had a small store in Ramsey but they decided to retire and it closed at the end of February.

      I'd say Olson Bison at the CFM would be a good place to check, as suggested below.

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        You should contact the folks at Sunworks Farm - I've bought Bison ribs from them, not shortribs but they may be able to put some aside for you? http://www.sunworksfarm.com/contact-us/