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Mar 18, 2012 10:02 AM

Commander's Bloody Mary Options

We will be going to CP for Sunday Brunch, and I am a Bloody Mary slut. What is the way to go? The special yellow tomato bloody, or the classic? Re: the Special BM...what's with citrus in a Bloody?

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  1. I never make a bloody without citrus. Preferably lime or a combo of lemon/lime. I order mine at Commander's (actually everywhere) extra spicy. I've only had the original and it is good.

    My son swears by the bloody bar at Atchafalaya's brunch. About $12 will get you a healthy glass of vodka to mix your own at a table filled with anything you could possibly think of to make your bloody.

    1. OK, not anywhere near CP-centric, but at the Carousel Bar in the Monteleon Hotel, I go for spicy, and then love the pickled beans.


      1. I also go spicy - with pickled things. Consider for a change of pace the Bloody Maria - tequila instead of vodka. To echo Jazzy - I always make mine with lemon AND lime - citrus is key as it adds brightness to the beverage.

        I also pickle things and add those for a bottom 'o the glass treat and as a way to snack your way down to said treat....pickled green cherry tomatoes.

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          Great with tequila aka Bloody Maria. Love pickled beans, and jalapeno stuffed olives. I hadn't thought about tomatoes. I also like the contrast of the spicy with a 1/4rd carrot stirrer.

        2. So back to the original the CP special BM any good?

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            Go for both. My wife had the classic and loved it - I went with the 25 cent martini. Great lunch, great drinks.

          2. I was at CP for brunch 2 weeks ago & their Bloody Mary was the worst one I've ever had including Bloody Mary's I've had at CM in the past. We couldn't even drink it!