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Mar 18, 2012 09:40 AM


Stopped by Wendy's on a whim today - first time in about six months. My last visit was about the time they removed hamburgers from their menu board.

Tried their fish sandwich. Pretty bad . Rather dry and couldn't get past the fried oil taste. At $7.80 for the small combo, I should have stopped by McDonalds were I could have picked up a medium fry, soft drink & much better fillet of fish for about $4.64. Oddly, Wendy'd charged 40 cents extra for the cheese.

Even the fries were odd. At first, they had a good potato taste, but after having a few, the salt became over powering. Upon close observation, it appeared the salt was uniformly coated on each fry as if they were presalted onto a coating during manufacture.

With only one other person in the place at noon, I should have known better,

I had my doubts about returning from last time, but this will definitely be my last visit.

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  1. I recall reading something not too long ago about Wendy's changing their fry recipe to some sort of coating. I don't eat at Wendy's very often because there just isn't one in my day to day environs. It has always been my favorite fast food burger though so I hate to see them screw it up.

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    1. re: kengk

      Wendy's fries are not coated, just potatoes and sea salt

      1. re: roro1831

        "after the fries are cut, they still go through a chemical bath of sodium acid pyrophosphate and dextrose"

        Do all fries have this coating? I really don't care, I fear not chemicals, haven't had the new fries. Will try them next time lunch finds me near a Wendy's.

    2. I thought the fish sandwich was okay, but I still contend they have the best fast food burgers by far now, since they changed their recipes a few months ago.

      You still can't touch McDonald's for fast food fries, though.

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      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

        Bought a couple of fish sandwiches yesterday. Much better than McD or BK. Not as good as Arthur Treacher's, and Long John Silver's doesn't even bear mentioning.

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          I agree Wendy's burgers have really improved. McD and Bk can't touch them.

          1. re: melpy

            I haven't eaten there in a while, but someone was complaining the other day that they had switched to purple onions instead of white onions. That sounded like an improvement to me!

          1. There are differences between franchises/locations, even within the same city. Perhaps you might consider trying it at another Wendy's. Perhaps the sandwich had also sat under the heat lamps for a while?

            I recently found the fish sandwich from one Wendy's in my area a bit dry and not as good as McD's F-O-F while the sandwich from another Wendy's was moister. Their fries were good (though salty, yes) at the 1st place (and marginally better than McD's) and worse at the 2nd to my taste.