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Mar 18, 2012 09:17 AM

BBQ On Sunday...........

What's open on Sunday. Thanks.

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  1. Most are closed. Central is probably your best option on Sunday. Corky's, Tops and Blues City are also open.

    1. I forgot Germantow Commisary is open too.

      1. Martin's is open, but they close at 4 or 5. It might be worth calling them to check their hours. Jack's is open on Trinity lane, but they close at 4 on Sundays as well. The Jim & Nick's are open for lunch and dinner, and their bbq is pretty good.

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          There's a new place downtown on G.E. patterson called Double J Smokehouse - they're open on Sunday. I ate there last week and was impressed.

        2. I meant in Memphis. Sorry about that.