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Mar 18, 2012 09:11 AM

Late lunch in Queens on way to JFK

2 ladies looking for a sit down casual place off the Whitestone expy or Van Wyck for a late lunch before our flight out of Jfk on Wed. Any suggestions? My friend can't eat seafood, otherwise open to all.

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  1. You could go to Flushing, just off the Whitestone Expressway for Chinese and Korean. There is little that I know of close to the VanWyck.

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      Little Pepper is right off the 20th Ave exit of the Whitestone Expwy.
      You could also get off Liberty Ave on the Van Wyck and hit Singh's Roti Shop.

      Singh's Roti Shop
      131-18 Liberty Ave, Queens, NY 11419

      Little Pepper
      18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

    2. Saffron on crossbay.

      161-50 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

      1. Try Dani's at 8128 Lefferts Blvd. It is a pizzeria and restaurant that has good italian food. You can't order pizza in the dining room. They have been there for many years and I love their red sauce. The place is not far off of Van Wyck Ex.

        Dani's House of Pizza
        81-28 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11415

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions!

          1. TU CASA take hillside ave exit on van wyck--head west on hillside, it quickly intersects with metropolitan, veer off onto metropolitan and it's on corner of leffers and metropolitan--10 blocks or so, go to Tu Casa, very good peruvian chicken hot sauce, rice, bananas, and lots of other things but get the chicken...clean, cheap, good, and friendly people

            we get takeout there 1-2x a week---