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Mar 18, 2012 09:10 AM

ISO Sticky Bun topping which includes some whipping cream to keep it from hardening

I used to make Sticky Buns with whipping cream in the topping. They were awesome. But that was back in the days when I was not so obsessive-compulsive about saving good recipes. I can't find the recipe I used. I do remember that the sugar-butter-corn syrup toppings (made with no whipping cream) got too hard after the buns sat out for a bit.

I used EYB and found these options:
**Joanne Chang's Sticky Sticky Buns with 1/3 cup each whipping cream and honey in the topping
**Sept-Oct 2004 Cks Illustrated Ultimate Sticky Buns with both a caramel glaze for the pan which contains 2 T whipping cream as well as a pecan topping you apply after baking which has no whipping cream in it
**Kenji Alt's Sticky Bun recipe from Serious Eats which has you pour on a topping after the buns are baked. This topping has a can of sweetened condensed milk in it. (I am putting a link to Kenji's recipe below.)

Anyone tried any of these recipes? Care to comment? Any other sticky bun toppings you love?

Hope you can reply soon. Dough is rising as I type :0)

Thanks in advance.

Kenji's recipe:

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  1. Just used a caramel that consisted of a c. cream to 1/2 c. brown sugar and 3 T. dark corn syrup. Mix, pour into 9 by 13 pan or whatever fits the number of rolls you end up with, and spread a heaping cup chopped nuts atop that. Lay your rolls in, upside down because you'll be inverting it, and bake per your roll directions. Let rest, invert.

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      Yummy! My mom always did this, hadn't thought of it until this thread. I did it a couple of times a long time ago. It really does make a difference! Thanks for listing the amounts!

    2. I have been baking sticky rolls forever and never heard of putting cream in the topping. In my experience what makes the goo stay gooey is honey---melt honey, brown sugar, and butter together in the pan, cool it a bit so you won't shock the yeast dough and kill yeast, then lay your rolled-up rolls sideways on the goo. Let rise again and bake. Turn out with goo on top.

      1. I have made them all. Go with Joanne Chang's!! Can't be beat. The honey cuts the cloying-ness and it is liquid enough to stay pliable even when they cool.

        1. If the caramel gets hard then you are cooking it too long. Cut back 10° and add 2 TBL more corn syrup to prevent the crystallization. Your caramel recipe should include at least 1/2 C of heavy cream before you put in the butter to finish it.

          1. Haven't tried any of the recipes you've mentioned, but I plan to try the recipe on the cover of the April 2012 Bon Appetit.

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              Everyone--Thank you so much. I went with Joanne Chang's recipe. I have never gone wrong with her recipes. Because I hate honey, I used some light corn syrup in place of some of the honey. But after reading that honey is what keeps the goo gooey and not hard, I hope I did not make a mistake. There was no detectable honey taste in the goo.

              The buns are in the refrigerator. I'll bake them tomorrow. I have great expectations.


              p.s. Hi Becca!

              p.s.s. Oh, my, that Bon Appetit recipe looks terrific!

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                Oddly enough, I hate honey, too. I thought it totally worked in this though. I use it when it is called for in baking, but I cannot stand it straight.

                I didn't even notice that you were the OP. Hello!!

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                  Just wanted to report back (one week post-baking--it was a crazy week!):

                  I made the "bread" part of the rolls using this King Arthur recipe for cinnamon rolls:
                  I love this recipe. I have learned (the hard way) to be very cautious about adding flour. It's amazing how a dough that looks too sticky transforms into a perfect dough as it's kneaded.

                  I used Joanne Chang's recipe for the goo with just one change--Instead of using 115 grams (1/3 cup) honey, I used 50 grams of honey and 65 grams of corn syrup. It was awesome goo! I could not taste the honey, but a coworker, who loves honey, could taste it.

                  I have a major-league sweet tooth, but even for me there may have been a bit too much goo. I might try this recipe next time with only 3/4 the amount of goo. The other change I'd make is to put the toasted nuts on the rolls AFTER they've been baked. I like nuts to be crisper than these were.

                  Thanks again for your responses.