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Mar 18, 2012 08:33 AM

Singapore - Faux Russian #2 at Borshch Steakhouse

When the old Troika (ex-DBS Bank Building) folsk disbanded, most of them went on to open Shashlik in Liat Towers (, but a smaller group went on to start Borshch Steakhouse in Serangoon Garden (opposite the popular Chomp Chomp Food Centre).

Faux Russian it was - from the Hainanese-style "borshch soup" consisting of cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes & carrots in beef soup, thickened with sour cream (nary a hint of beetroot!) to its thick Hainanese coffee.

Some of what we had:
- Egg salad, which was essentially a hard-boiled egg topped with the teeniest bit of lumpfish caviar I'd ever seen, sitting on a few lettuce leaves. Ugh, avoid.
- Baked escargot with parsley-garlic. Not exactly Russian, but more Hainanese-Western. Good.
- Hainanese pork chop with rice. The version here was topped with a sharp, piquant sweet-sour sauce.
- Carpetbag steak - another retro dish from the 60s which one could find in this old-fashioned spot. It was enjoyable.
- Desserts were Peach Melba (so-so) and a funny-looking "Crepe Suzette" - did seem like we're going into faux French territory here ;-


Basically served by a grandpa-looking chap. Come here if you want a taste of Singapore nostalgia. Definitely *not* for the food :-D

Address details
Borshch Steakhouse 勃资西餐
58 Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555954
Tel: +65 6280 4351

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  1. You forgot the slice of cucumber and red pepper. :-) No flambé for the Crêpes Suzette?

    Isn't Carpetbag steak of USAmerican derivation? Heh, Hainanese pork chop in a "Russky" place.

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    1. re: huiray

      It's one mixed up place. Not in a hurry to return!

      1. re: klyeoh

        I think they do a pretty "good"job for the prices they charged. But I agree that, for the same food, I'll choose Shashlik over this place anytime.

        At least Shashlik do a proper job flambeing their crepes Suzette.