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Mar 18, 2012 07:13 AM

Healthy Options at Russian "Bazaar"?

My grandmother was born in Russia and growing up I enjoyed a lot of dishes that were some combination of Eastern-European Jewish / Russian. When I go into the "Bazaar" grocery store, the smells bring back old memories.

Now that I'm older, I'm (overly?) health conscious and can't digest everything that looks good. So I'd appreciate any recommendations on the prepared foods at Russian Bazaar that are tasty and generally healthy.



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  1. we like their soups which are generally vegetable heavy, we buy the frozen pelmenyi or peirogkis, and like the potato and mushroom versions, and their eggplant salads of various kinds and large bean salads are very good and, though they may contain oil, seem healthy and fresh. they have many vegetarian salads which look light and fresh (carrot, beet, etc.). we also buy herring, salmon roe caviar, and various pickles and jams there and have been happy with all of these. They also carry nice fresh brown breads. Best advice is to try things in small quantities and see how they work for you. While I'm sure their chicken liver pate isn't "healthy" I do like it very much!

    1. This is about as useful a query as "where should I get dinner?" because there are as many popular definitions of "healthy food" as there are definitions of "what's good for dinner." Please be specific as to your dietary preferences.