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Mar 18, 2012 07:07 AM

What charoset recipe to serve with soft matzah?

For a Hillel sandwich, made as a wrap in a soft matzah with Romaine and grated horseradish, what would make a charoset that would complete a really chow-ish sandwich.

I am quite serious about doing this. We'll have the regular Charedim matzah shmurah with our familiar apples-wine-cinnamon-walnuts at first.

But for the Hillel sandwich, we are surprising the assembled company with old-fashioned soft matzah. Wrapped around Romaine, grated horseradish and...

What exotic/innovative charoset could I make to complete a really good tasting sandwich?

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  1. Are there any official guidelines for it other than the consistency/texture being like mortar? If not, why not a fruity chicken salad, with pears and raisins?

    1. How are you getting soft matzah? I'm a proponent of the moroccan date version because it isn't drippy or watery, stores well and most importantly tastes good!

      1. Sorry, I just saw your post about the soft matzah. Answered too soon. :)

        1. dried apricots, dates and pistachio would be my pick for your wrap.

          1. What was I thinking.

            I'm getting into Pesach mode, and it has occurred to me that our minhag with the Hillel sandwich is to dip the Romaine into the charoset, then shake the charoset off.

            We don't actually eat the charoset. And we won't be putting anything into the "sandwich" except Romaine and horseradish.

            Although if an entrepreneurial chef were to open a shwarmah stand for chol hamoed, offering lamb and salad on fresh soft matzah....

            Even if, as I suppose, it would be, like, $50 a sandwich.

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                I, too, saw your post about soft matzah after I wrote above question.