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Mar 18, 2012 06:13 AM

Ft. Myers for foodies - help please

We're going down for a week to visit my parents, they usually have good picks but tend to stick with places they know and like. I'd love to get some recs on a decent place for brunch, sushi, wine bar/tapas, thin crust neopolitan pizza, and dessert. Any help on good places is greatly appreciated.


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  1. For brunch, try Crave on Mcgregor across from the Landings. They have the classics, eggs ben, a homemade corned beef hash that is to die for along with mimosas. Expect a wait on Sunday.

    1. Our favorite restaurant in Ft. Myers is Sasse's, which is in a strip mall on Evans, about midway between the airport (RSW) and downtown. Italian, with a woodburning oven. Salads are huge, enough for four to share -- the Ceasar has pieces of garlic bread instead of croutons. We love the eggplant parm, and the chicken marsala is also excellent. My mom enjoys whatever shank is on the menu -- lamb, veal, or pork. Their chocolate mousse is my favorite dessert in Ft. Myers, and the apple cobbler served hot from the oven with a scoop of ice cream is excellent. Family owned and run, friendly service and tasty food. If we split a large salad and three entrees and a dessert between four or five people, it is enough food, and we are pretty big eaters.