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Mar 18, 2012 06:05 AM

Dallas bound for chowhound 3 restaurants, best cuisine in preferably the downtown area or short cab ride. Any suggestions?? Coming in from Canada for a week. So far my picks are Lucia (can't get a res) The Mercury maybe? Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Cadillac Ranch Restaurant
857 West John W Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX 75039

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  1. Sunday brunch at Mansion on Turtle Creek

    Mesa on Jefferson for a dinner

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    1. re: Veggo

      Thank you, Mesa looks wonderful. Much appreciated

    2. Suggest Tei-An in One Arts Plaza (you could also check out the Crow Collection or the Nasher Sculpture Garden while you're there).

      1. I also recommend all of the above. Especially, Mesa. My personal favorite.

        For me, The Mercury is, meh. You can do much better.

        Lucia has four seats at the chefs bar which is are no reservations and open for first come, first served.

        A friend who lives nearby Lucia has never had a problem getting one or two of those seats.

        If Lucia proves to be impossible to get in to, try Nonna on Lomo Alto
        off Lemmon Ave in Highland Park. Excellent Tuscan style Italian food.
        Also very busy! My favorite Italian in Dallas. PS; Not a "red sauce" restaurant!

        I also like both, Samar and, Stephan Pyles on Ross Avenue. downtown. Both owned by Stephan Pyles.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Ok Mercury out and Mesa IN!! Life is too short for Meh haha

          I just joined this site today, fantastic! Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. It's soooo funny you mention a red sauce restaurant. We were just in Stowe Vt and I was talking about this Italian where every dish tastes the same and just the pasta shape or meat underneath changes.


        2. Try Local, in Deep Ellum.
          +1 for Stephen Pyles.
          I'm not a big fan of Samar, although I know that puts me in a small minority on this board.