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Mar 18, 2012 02:57 AM

anyone been to soif lately? [London]

Hello, we have our London trip coming up soon and have a table booked at soif amongst other places? We really like the look of the menu and were just wondering if it's worth the trek from Islington.


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  1. We had a brilliant dinner there about a month ago and I'm looking forward to going again. If you'll be in Islington though, I'd check out the menu of their sister retaurant, Brawn, which would be much easier for you to get to I think. I haven't been to Brawn but it's been well-reviewed on here. Has anyone been to both?

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      Brawn is brilliant and not too far. Go there. You can walk it from Old Street in 10 minutes. There's a quality pub just over the road as well for a pre/post-dinner drink.

      1. re: alexdz

        Hello, thanks for replying. We have already been to Brawn and liked it. We went with a friend, ordered far too much and left feeling rather corpulent! Are they very similar menu wise then?

        1. re: curiouseater

          Looking at Brawn's menu online it seems a bit heartier and meatier than Soif's, though Soif still had charcuterie and various piggy bits. If you're spending a day down south anyway it would be a nice place to go but I'm not sure it warrants the trip down from Islington by itself. I would make the trip for Trinity, though.

          1. re: curiouseater

            I went to Soif last night for a quick bite to eat - all in all very similar to Brawn though probably slightly less focus on charcuterie and a little more seafood.

            Very good rilletes and croquettas. I think I slightly prefer the atmosphere of Brawn though.

            As Gembellina said - a good option if you are in the South anyway but it's pretty far from Islington and, if you have been to Brawn before anyway you may want to try something a little different.

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              funnily enough we are going to Trinity tomorrow night with Soif penciled in for Thursday. Think we will give it a shot. Thanks for all your help! Will report back.

      2. We had a nearly faultless dinner at Soif on Saturday: Fabulously fatty duck rillettes; garlicky fresh cepes with parsley; a refreshing rocket, fig, hard ricotta and hazelnut salad; black pud with duck egg and girolles, all full of taste and as described by the server. Ended up with a lovely pannacotta with fresh raspberries and strawberries: not to big, but intense.

        Wine by the glass was well chosen, and you could rely on both the waiter and the wine waiter Good London beer too. Service enthusiastic and efficient.

        1. Soif as reliably delicious as ever, with a good wine list and knowlegeable servers. Fat jucy pink pork chop, unctuous duck rilletes, flavorful pork pate with pistachios, a spring veg mix worth having and other pleasing stuff. The only mistake was ordering the tomato liquere, which was rather nasty. Been there three times, always leave with a smile on my face. Great food in an informal atmosphere.