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Mar 18, 2012 01:28 AM

Looking for Adelaide recommendations

I will be visiting Adelaide for the first time over Easter and would be grateful for any help in steering myself towards the best food the city has to offer.

My available meals and current plans (which can easily be changed subject to any replies) are as follows:

Friday dinner - Press food and wine
Saturday breakfast - Chianti Classico
Saturday lunch - ???
Saturday dinner - Kenji
Sunday breakfast - ???
Sunday lunch - Adelaide Zoo
Sunday dinner - Pizza (maybe Est?)
Monday breakfast - ???
Monday lunch - Chianti Classico

Any other ideas?



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  1. Two discoveries from recent jaunts to Adelaide

    I've reviewed both on, and would happily return to either

    I also learned that (apparently) the only place in Adelaide serving Campos coffee is right next to the Crowne Plaza in Hindmarsh Sq

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    1. I will be in adelaide over the that weekend too.

      A drive to the Fleurieu Peninsula is nice.

      Fino - willunga

      Alternatively Loca Vore in Stirling

      "Locavore (local-eater) lives by the principles of the 100-mile diet. That is wherever possible, all produce is sourced from within a 160 km radius."
      In the Adelaide Hills. The autumnal colours may be starting to come out by that time.

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      1. re: Darrius

        Thanks Darrius, Locavore might go in the list.

      2. Etica does a good neopolitan pizza - for that style, wouldnt eat anywhere else in 'laide.

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        1. re: yen

          Good life organic pizza in Glenelg is good too.

        2. Anyone know what the dress code is for Press?

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