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Mar 18, 2012 01:08 AM

Indian Redux

It's been about three years since the Atlanta board has spoken on the topic of Indian food.

Would love to see new opinions, particularly those ITP. And no, I have nothing against OTP,
I've just gotten old and don't feel like driving very far. Also, what does everyone think about
lime pickle or any of the variations? I love that stuff!


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  1. Zyka and Bhojanic are two very good places ITP. Both in the Decatur/Emory area.

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    1. re: samlev

      Anyone been to Cardamom yet? I see lots of buzz on CL.

      1. re: birgator

        I really want to go because it's the cuisine of Kerala, which you don't find too often in Indian restaurants, so I want to see if I can tell the difference. I have a friend from Kerala and she was really excited about this place. Plus, there was a cooking class with the chef/owner on Scoutmob that I'm considering doing too.

    2. Resurfacing this thread because NaanStop is opening on Broad downtown. From what I've read about their LA food truck, this might be a nice addition to the already eclectic Broad St. lunch options. They look to be opening soon.

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        Have you tried NaanStop yet? I have walked by a couple of times, but the line was out the door.

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          Finally tried NaanStop today. I think my experience was similar to what I read in other reviews. I had a chicken tikka masala Naanwhich and a samosa. The chicken was good and was thoroughly drenched in sauce (yummy), then they add grilled peppers & onions and top with choice of sauces and spinach leaves. I got the yogurt sauce and the spicy mint one, but both were overpowered by the tikka masala and I really couldn't taste them. The naan was good - soft and chewy - but just about impossible to eat as a sandwich after the first half. Next time I think i want the rice bowl and naan on the side. The samosa was very good - hot and thick with potatoes - and the chutney was a nice, sweet accompaniment. But overall, I'd say just OK. For $10 at lunch, I'd probably rather go round the corner and have Blossom Tree (Korean) if I'm not really craving Indian.

      2. I was going to start a new thread, but I guess I'll just add to this one: we live in Birmingham and my Indian orthopedic surgeon told me he doesn't like any of the Indian restaurants here (no surprise), but that the best one in the Atlanta area would be Mirch Masala in Decatur. We're planning a trip there this Saturday with a friend, but reading reviews on Urbanspoon makes me wonder if it's worth the 2.5 hour drive. None of us are terribly adventuresome in our tastes, just want good flavor and some heat (in Birmingham, they tend to make everything bland and mild, figuring the locals won't like exotic flavors and spice). We're fans of chicken tikka masala, curry, butter chicken, lamb biryani, tandoori, etc.

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          i too love Indian food--- we've zeroed in on Havali on Holcomb bridge rd, near barnwell--there are 2 other Havalis in Atlanta, but this one is excellent, the others not so much--If you just like really spicey food, Gu"s Bistro n Buford highway is a terrfic Szechuan food place--family run--Ive left reviews of both on Urbanspoon and trip advisor

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            There are lots of options here, if the one suggested isn't rated well (I haven't been and have no idea). Keep in mind that a lot of the places in Decatur are vegetarian but are still really good. Our favorite veggie places over the years have been Udipi and Madras Saravan Bhavan, but admittedly we haven't been to either in a long time.

            If you want meaty, I'd suggest Cardamom Hill, Bhojanic, or Panahar. Cardamom Hill is great, but it's the fanciest. Bhojanic has been a favorite of ours for years. And we just went back to Panahar, which is technically Bangladeshi, after not going for many years. Admittedly it's in an odd spot- mostly Latin shopping mall on Buford Hwy. But they're still about the most hospitable restaurant in town, and it's amazingly still BYOB. My only slight gripe was that the heat seemed to be toned down from what I remember.

            You could add in a run to YDFM or a walk around downtown Decatur to going to that side of town. From Cardamom Hill, all the westside stuff is right down the road (bar at JCT Kitchen comes to mind for a nice place to grab a drink before/after).

          2. Had the lunch buffet at Bombay Cafe (Briarcliff/N Druid Hills) with a group of about 20 and I thought it was very good. THey have the vegetarian items on a separate li ne from the meat items, which the vegetarians in our group appreciated. Nothing was terribly spicy, but a couple of items had a good bit of heat. I really enjoyed it and would go back for dinner sometime. Weirdly, they apparently have belly dancers in the evening, which one of the many Indian folk on our team confirmed is not particularly Indian. Overall, very good Northern Indian food.

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              Yeah, I've been eating mostly at Bhojanic but do hit the buffet at Bombay Cafe
              as well. Ate a couple of times at Chinese Dhaba in the Patel Plaza. Kind of a
              mix of Chinese and Indian. Good stuff but beware, it is damn spicy, which is
              fine by me.