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Mar 17, 2012 07:48 PM

Anyone made brownies that calls for creaming butter instead of melting it?

Found a brownies recipe that sounds really good. It call for creaming the butter and sugar together. All the recipes I've used before call for melted butter. If you have an experience with this type of batter please let me know. Not sure what the difference is.
Thanks so much!

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  1. I'm calling on memory here, but it seems to me that in cookie baking you cream your butter and sugar together. Brownies are considered bar cookies after all.

    If you trust the source of the recipe, I'd just do it that way.

    1. Creaming butter to make brownies results in a more cake-like texture.

      Most brownies are very fudge-like in texture -- thick, dense and chewy.

      Creaming your butter incorporates more air, and thus allows for a lighter (some say "fluffier") texture.

      Neither technique is wrong, or better. Just different.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        this. i prefer the melted butter/cocoa powder recipes.

      2. Most of my favourite brownie recipes call for creaming.

        1. I just made the chocolate mint brownies from David Lebovitz and that recipe starts by "creaming" the solid butter with eggs and sugar all at once. Weird.

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              I think the technique is fine. The recipe itself is not perfect. It calls for TWO POUNDS of Andes mints. I bought one pound (four boxes) and like a dummy had Boy unwrap all of them anticipating having only half as much as I should. Turns out half of that one-ish pound completely covered the 9 x 13 surface, so now I have two boxes of unwrapped Andes mints in a ziplock in my pantry. Doh.
              There were many comments on the post r/t baking time and temp. I think what is indicated is both too hot and too long. Mine were a little over even with 25 degrees lower and 5 minutes less than the lesser amount of baking time.
              With these tweaks I think it's a great recipe--thick and fudgy with a nice texture difference on the top. I could take or leave the mint element, myself.
              He does start off by saying that brownies are always better if previously frozen, so I'm going to try that with the 3/4 pan that is left.