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Mar 17, 2012 07:30 PM

Ideas for a whole salmon for a luncheon party

I'm giving a birthday luncheon for my god-daughter who is a pescatarian. I bought a whole cleaned salmon and am trying to decide how to prepare it. No grilling possible. About 10 guests coming.

Figure I should play it safe with flavors, not knowing how adventurous the guests are. For the main course we'll have salmon, asparagus, a green salad, and a parsnip preparation (haven't decided on the parsnip prep yet).

Since it's a rainy day here on the Left Coast, kinda hard to envision this spring bounty today.

Your ideas for the salmon prep, please?

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  1. Poached, chilled, plated whole, smorgasbord style, with thin lemon slices and a dill sauce.

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    1. re: Veggo

      yes, yes! Though I prefer a nice peppery mayo made with part olive oil, part safflower or grapeseed oil for the sauce. with watercress in it if you can find some.
      for the parsnips" roasted and sprinkled with apple cider vinegar.

    2. Here's an Ina Garten recipe for a whole stuffed salmon (about 7 pounds, cleaned). I've never made it, but it's gotten 5 star reviews:

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        +1 on IG's recipe. I have friends who have made this dish over the years and it gets raves all the time.

      2. Poached, chilled, topped/served with a fresh corn and dill salsa.

        1. Poached, chilled, covered with home-made lemon mayonaise, then cover that with thin overlaping cucumber slices starting at the tail end to recreate "scales". A v. nice presentation.