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ISO passover seder main courses

I usually serve brisket but am not in the mood. Am seeking something new and interesting.

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  1. Oh yes ma'am. Chicken en Saor, courtesy of our friend Jay F. I know he won't mind me sharing it out, and it is DELICIOUS served hot, cold, or room temp. Would you like the recipe?
    A beautiful leg of lamb, roasted with red wine and good black olives and just a bit of rosemary is a thing of beauty.
    If the budget's cool, always with the tenderloin roast or prime ribs.
    enjoy your seder!!

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      Sure, share the chicken recipe! I'm currently planning to serve Alton Brown's chicken with 40 cloves along side my brisket, but I'm open to something new and good.

    2. Passover seder rule is only that no roasted meats - dry roasted, no liquid - be served. In the past i've done braised lamb roasts, juicy beef ribs (personal fave 'cause i put it up at the beginning of the seder and it's ready by the time it's mealtime), whole roasted ducks, and veal roasts. but don't sweat the main too much - after all the matzah, bitter herbs, and salt water, everybody's starving - and not very discerning :)

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        Well, my family is very discerning and Seder is very important to us, so I have to sweat the main. I am aware of the rules, looking for something fun and good, but we don't do roasts so that lets out tenderloin, roast leg of lamb, prime rib. We don't usually eat veal, but might consider. Would love the chicken recipe, mamachef. Also would consider fish and then I could avoid making gefilte fish.

      2. Hey ladies, I need to run a quick post and ask for help because I can't lay my hands on it. But I know he'll catch up to me, and I'll post it.

        1. But, but, but...But brisket is the best part of Passover! Passover without brisket is a hollow, cruel mockery!

          Well, at least have fried matzoh for breakfast the next day.

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            I have made a lot of brisket this winter and am sick of it , though I am surprised to feel that way ;(
            Will have matzo brei all eight mornings and for some dinners, no doubt.

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              Well, my associations of Passover and my Aunt Evie's brisket aside, if you'd like to do a braised beef but something unusual, why not oxtail? It has a lovely advantage for something like a Seder Day...Since it cooks for half of forever to get tender, I like to brown it off the night before, put it in the fridge, reheat it quick on the stove first thing in the morning, put it in a VERY LOW oven (like 200 degrees) and forget about it until it's time to eat it. I truly think that braised oxtail has become my favorite way to eat beef. With roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes it would probably make a very satisfying Seder meal.

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                nice idea, though I'd sub a spring veggie for brussies. Thanks.

          2. We have often done some kind of braised lamb and artichoke dish for our main. I dont have a particular recipe, as I never seem to make the same thing twice, but there are a lot of good ones out there.

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              I love that idea, Will explore, thanks.

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                Lamb is quite traditional in Sephardic seders. I did a little searching, and this recipe is fairly representative of what I have made:


                and here's another:


                We often make a Sephardic haroset to go with. Makes for a fun and somewhat different seder.

            2. coupla different ideas:


              if you want to do fish, a simple preparation of oven-baked salmon, halibut, cod or the like with olives, lemon & herbs (and even some roasted potatoes) would be easy & elegant.

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                I have in the past made various lamb shank braises but never with artichokes. Today it is so warm that I am thinking about fish as braised lamb would be way too heavy in weather like this. Perhaps I will wait and see about the weather.
                We always have two or three kinds of charoset, including a sephardic one or two. I ove dates, apricots and pistachios.


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                  I would suggest a poached salmon as it is very forgiving. You can serve it with a traditional cucumber sauce and have a dairy seder.

                2. I've done this lamb dish by Jeff Nathan several times now for Pesach and everyone loves it. Here is the link to the recipe; there is also a video on Jewish TV showing him making it with a matzah crust - I've always left off the matzah crust, as the casserole doesn't need it.:



                  1. While I love brisket and have made it in various styles over a number of Passovers I have made many other main courses with great success. I really like Joyce Goldstein's cornish hen or chicken quarters sephardic style with apricots and tomatoes. Actually any cornish hen works great. You can halve them easily and they cook fairly quickly. I've made 10 at a time. Also, I've really enjoy stuffed breast of veal; osso buco with gremolata works very well and holds well though portions of both of these can be huge if you don't pick your meat carefully. I've also made Chicken Marbella from the Silver Palate cookbook. An old favorite that is recommended and works really well. Also veal brisket marsala I think was excellent. Well I've been doing this for 15 years straight now for groups ranging from 15 to 28 this year and I have opted for turkey believe it or not. Once I set on a roasted tsimmes dish and my fish course I felt the turkey was the right "weight" of dinner course for the meal. So range around and find something that suits your palate. And enjoy!

                    A sweet Pesach to all.

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                      Thanks all! great ideas. I have decided on a cold halibut in lemon sauce