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Mar 17, 2012 06:00 PM

Suggestions for a Sunday night in Tucson? preferably hot and spicy

We've already eaten at Cosa Poca, found the drinks great, the Chef's Plate the most fun, but food was uneven on a Saturday night. Spectacular mole chicken, fish veracruz style, and tamale pie. Pork and beef dishes less wonderful.
So, one more night before returning to and spicy asian or indian or mexican (just not tex - mex) and preferably not too expensive.......
Thanks, Flagstaffers enjoying the sun!

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  1. Sunday night's aren't the best night's for dining out in the old pueblo. I have a question for you, whatever happened to Mammas Casita in Flag? It was a so-so Mexican joint but they served these outrageous huge delicious hamburgers. It was just down the street from the Museum Club.

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      Don't know, will check when they reopen I-17 and we get to go home. will report in after I find out.
      We ended up going to CeeDee's Jamaican Kitchen it was fabulous...curried chicken, jerk chicken, goat, Jamaican rum cake....super. And Red Stripe beer!
      thanks, K

    2. How about Zamans for Ethiopian?