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Mar 17, 2012 05:43 PM

Food and Riesling pairing - 1971 German!!

The original post was on the Ontario Board. However, I thought some wine-loving fellow chowhounders might find this interesting!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. What wonderful ideas!

    1. Not bad at all! Big fan of Schwarzhofberger. But I was surprised that there was no J. J. Prum (Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich, etc etc). Surely the most amazing of 1970s Rieslings. Even his Kabinetts from the early seventies are still very drinkable, let alone his Spaetauslese.

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      1. re: Asomaniac

        In fact the J.J.Prum WS Auslese and the Graacher Himmelreich Eiswein was on our 'to bring' list. But with last minute pull outs, we thought 7 bottles are more than enough for the 5 of us! After all we all have to drive home!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          One of the many many many advantages of Riesling: 7-10% alcohol. Like a strong beer. Riesling is perfect in every imaginable way.

        2. Sounds great.

          Pairing foods with older Rieslings can be dicey, as many of the older bottles will likely have some level of oxidation. That said, many great, older Rieslings can stand up to a bit of oxidation.

          When I have done something, remotely similar, it has been sans-food,with but the Rieslings.

          Did the 1976 Egon Mueller Auslese Gold Capsule sans-food, and am not sure, even today, what I would have paired with it. It's sort of like asking what main course, one serves with sex - before, or after is fine, but with... ?

          Sounds great, and I am envious.


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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Come up to Toronto, Bill and join Estufarian and myself for another one!!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              You know, THAT would be great! I cannot think of better folk, with whom I would love to sip some wines.

              Thanks for the invite,


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                hey Bill,
                Still have a couple more 71's - and the long-promised Nacional port.
                But if you like those I'll even blow your mind with some Madeira!

                BTW Haven't returned to Hawaii (or Arizona).

                1. re: estufarian

                  You know, I am "ready," but do not feel that I am worthy.

                  I have followed few threads, where your great pairings were noted. I am envious.

                  My few remaining Rieslings only go back to '76, but earlier, good, or great Rieslings, are always welcome, at least in my hose.

                  Somehow, I think that I should treat myself to a trip to CA (and I do not mean California), as you folk put on a great show.


                  PS - We have not done Hawai`i, in some many months, but do spend some of our "down time" in AZ - just not as much, as we'd like.