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Mar 17, 2012 05:29 PM

50th Birthday Bergen County HELP!!!

Looking for a place that will satisfy some foodies, but also a larger group. Was look at Cafe Panache, Picnic, El Cid. Not anything over the top, but something that will satisfy the palate and wallet

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  1. Heard also Park Steakhouse might also be an option

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    1. re: MKLDBoston

      It would be helpful to indicate the size of your group.

      I'm not certain El Cid will satisfy your foodies. The others are sound choices.You might also look into Cafe Matisse , a lovely BYOB with a beautiful seasonal garden (depending on group size) in Rutherford or Chakra on Route 4 in Paramus. As to satisfying your wallet, none of these options are inexpensive, but Picnic or Matisse being BYOB may be less costly.

      Cafe Matisse
      167 Park Avenue
      Rutherford, New Jersey

      144 Route 4
      Paramus, New Jersey

      1. re: MRG58

        Thanks for the suggestions. It's a party of about 20, not all are foodies and tend to eat HUGE amounts. They are of the quantity not quality mindset. I realize that none of these are inexpemsive, I just can't justify spending more than this league. The BYOB option may be the answer, thanks so much!!
        I did read on El Cid, was there about 15 years ago. It sounds terrible!

        1. re: MKLDBoston

          Bergen County restaurants will not generally provide high quality, large portioned, low priced options. For larger eaters, you might try these BYOB Italian restaurants:

          I Gemelli
          268 Huyler Street
          South Hackensack, New Jersey

          26 E Prospect Street
          Waldwick, New Jersey

          Mezzaluna Bistro
          97 West Allendale Avenue
          Allendale, New Jersey

    2. El Cid is expensive and completely unexceptional. I'd avoid it if you're looking for something good and not expensive.

      1. We celebrated my husbands 70th birthday yesterday at the Riverside Manor at the border of Fair Lawn and Paterson ( GPS - 1 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn)
        It is a beautiful place, service was excellent, decent food, we had a nice large room to ourselves. ( Important if young children are part of your large group) The price was right too. I would recommend them.

        1. Picnic, Cafe Panache would be great. Also consider St Eves in Ho Hokus. If you are more concerned about hosting the room and not as much the food- give thought to doing Maggianos?

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          1. re: scholar399

            Although I haven't been to the Hackensack Maggianos, I was VERY surprised to find it to be a chain. The Boston one was excellent...VERY good food, lots of it, and they were very accommodating since there were only two of us. I can only hope the Hackensack location is even half as good.

            1. re: njmarshall55

              "I was VERY surprised to find it to be a chain."
              Really? Interesting. Maggiano's started in Chicago (AFAIK) (the one on Clark) and went nationwide quite a while ago. Food is decent but not the best or is it authentic Italian, of course - but does deliver OK Italian-American most of the time. Still, the last time I had a meal in the Indy location of the chain it was wholly forgettable (even borderline objectionable) and was definitely NOT cheap for what I got. Their tables are also too high, or the chairs too low.

              1. re: huiray

                First went to one in Boston. Felt like a true family run I/A place with very decent food. Then, riding through Hackensack, NJ saw the one in the strip mall off Rt. 4. Never occurred to me that it would be a chain. One of the better ones, tho, IMHO.