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Mar 17, 2012 04:12 PM

Best Crab Deals/specials in Baltimore

Hey Folks,

I will be in Baltimore for a conference at the end of March, 2012, and I wanted to try the famous Baltimore crabs. My problem is that I don't have a lot of spending money. Therefore, I was hoping that someone may have some leads on restaurants that have decently priced crabs, or restaurants that may have crab specials on certain nights. I understand that this means I wont be able to have the BEST crabs in the city, but decent crabs in better than no crabs at all. Any help would be really appreciated.

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  1. From what I understand, local bay crabbing season does not begin until April 1 so I am not sure you will be able to find local crabs in March. Our first trip for local crabs is usually not until the middle of April at earliest.

    1. True that you will likely not get local crabs but you can still get crabs and have the Baltimore experience of peppery hard shelled crabs. They have them at Ocean Pride in Towson, at Bo Brooks in Canton and there are many other places that do bring them in from the south. Check out the boards here and you can call places ahead of time to see what they have available and how much they are.

      1. Crab specials this time of year are few and far between! If any exist at a reputable place, I don't know about them.

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          I've never done the fresh crab experience since we moved here. Where do we go and when? Any specific recs for quality restaurants. Can be anywhere, have car.

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            Mocome, I assume by your name that you live in Montgomery county. We go often to a great dive called Crossroads for crabs. It is located in Dayton MD in Howard County

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              My dad and I go pretty regularly to Captain Billy's in Newburg (Popes Creek), MD. Great crabs, of course, and the place is quite large and the proprietors are friendly. The last part of the drive there is great, through corn or soy bean fields down to the river. They also have outdoor seating under an awning.

              We have been to Cantler's in Annapolis many times but not recently.

          2. @MIlocat1, Thanks for the heads up, I was afraid this may have been the case.
            @Kim2310, Thank you for the recommendations, I will give those places a ring for sure .

            So for crabs around this time of year, what is a decent price to be paying per pound? And how many pounds would a hungry 190lbs guy like myself order? (hard question, I know, because of different peoples appetites.)

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              Crabs are sold by the 1/2 dozen or dozen and price depends on the size small are about $22 and jumbo are about $75 a dozen depends on the place. I am close your weight and it usually takes at least 3 dozen when I am hungry I usually stop when I get tired of picking the meat. I would suggest a dozen crabs with some other dishes or appetizers

                1. re: Hue

                  Yes 3 dozen sometime more if I am really hungry - I stand 6'2 230lbs - nothing like blue crabs and cold beer

              1. re: seanrp

                One usually get tired of picking before you get full. If eating at a restaurant you can always have some MD Crab Soup, Steamer Clams or Corn Fritters in addition to your Crabs.

              2. @agarnett100, Thank you for the advice, something to keep in mind for sure.

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                  As a first time crab picker eater I suggest you buy larger crabs. they have more meat and are easier to pick. They will cost you more per crab but you will need less to fill up. Make sure someone shows you how to correctly clean/pick a crab or you will waste a lot of crab meat

                  1. re: dining with doc

                    I agree with this. I have been eating crabs for many years and still do not have patience for smalls. I like ones that are classified as large. The meat in extra large or super I often find too dense.

                    1. re: dining with doc

                      I agree, Doc. Get 1/2 dozen large or extra large. Beginners are slower to pick and you can always order more, or get a crab cake to round out the meal if you don't want to pick any longer.