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Favorite Salads in Boston?

Looking for a place with a great salad- downtown or surrounding towns

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  1. I like the salads at Fireplace Grill (not sure if they offer them at dinner but always find them at lunch) in Brookline, including their version of Cobb Salad and their duck confit salad - like the frisee salad at ESK and the vietnamese salads (shrimp and chicken) at Le's and Sunrise Cafe in Dorchester. Strip T's does a fabulous romaine and oxtail salad.

    1. if you do a search, you will easily find a long thread on this. We stay loyal and appreciative of the eva's greens with rabbit, smoked cheddar,pecans.... at EVOO. And, very simple, but you can't beat the quantity and price ($4) for the Wicked Small Caesar at Strip T's. p.s. small? NOT. And I have always thought that Philip's biggest strength at East by Northeast- is his innovative Asian salads. Kale with Smoked Tofu, Edamame, Smoked Trout, Lemon Sesame Cream anyone?yummmm. in fact, it's hard to be satisfied with the same old same old salads you see elsewhere- after you've enjoyed Philip's creativity.

      1. Crispy pigs ear / heirloom beet salad w/ miso dressing (Craigie)
        Flowering chive tossed w/ jellyfish, crispy tiny fish and garlic chips (New Golden Gate)
        Heirloom tomato/ green goddess salad (clio, seasonal)

        1. Some recentish faves:

          Grilled romaine with oxtail, also roasted apple salad with corned tongue at Strip-T's

          Seasonal salad at Journeyman

          Apples, pears, ginger/pumpkin yogurt, cran vinaigrette at Vee Vee

          Edamame and celery slaw at Myers + Chang

          Patatas ali oli at Taberna de Haro

          Steak salad at The Hawthorne

          White bean salad at Brookline Family

          Kashk bademjan at Jasmine Taste of Persia

          Carrot / raisin salad at Sweet Cheeks

          Burrata with seasonal vegetables at Bondir

          Caesar with boquerones at Neptune


          1. Yoma, a Burmese spot in Allston, offers a nice selection of interesting and refreshing salads.

            1. Everyone is going to think I'm crazy, but here goes: the Greek salad at Mr. Bartley's Burgers in Harvard Square is fab. The dressing is incredible and lots of great ingredients in the salad.

              1. HK had a special spring salad last night that was yummy, with asparagus, roasted (cold) pearl onions, radishes, herbed croutons and boursin cheese.

                  1. I enjoy the Signature Salad at COSI.

                    1. The Met has a great Chopped Salad...and I think Rustic Kitchen has one of the tastiest Caesar Salads in town

                      1. I think I've loved every salad I've ever eaten at Za. Their beet salad never fails, but I also love the one they do with avocado and black beans, and the kalamata, cucumber, tomatoes over garlicky potato salad.

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                          agreed. I've loved every Za salad I've had and I've had a lot!

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                            The salads at Za are excellent.

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                              i think the salads at za are great too, i just wish they would mix them up a bit more.

                              several times now i have had an amazing arugula and almond salad at area 4. simple, but the arugula is just right and it is the most perfectly dressed plate of greens i've ever had in my life.

                              sam's, on the waterfront, does a daily "kitchen sink" salad which is always delish.

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                                I've only been to Area 4 twice but both times the salads were top notch. Yesterday's chopped salad with green olives and salami was a perfect lunch salad on a hot summer day.

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                                  I have also had some amazing salads at Area Four.

                        2. I love the boston lettuce, cheddar, apple and pecan salad at Rendezvous Central Square. And, the seasonal salad Steve does with lobster and citrus.

                          The Farm salad at Sweet Cheeks is another one that I can't resist- Roasted Brussel sprouts, grapes and Farro in a great dressing.



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                            just had excellent larb salad at Thai North for lunch. I'd add them to my salad list.

                          2. There is a void for great salads as far as I'm concerned, my definitlm of great salad is its HUGE, colorful with every item you want, everything chopped and tosses together . Based on that criteria, my favorities are Met Back Bay chopped salad, beets, broccoli, tomatoes, bacon and cheese, egg etc.. Huge portion, chopped and mixed perfectly. Also caffe Jaffa in the back bay on Gloucester st -----schwarma is off the hook! I get the chicken schwarma well done on a Greek salad with their magical Greek dressing. Lastly. if you're in the downtown crossing area for breakfast or lunch U2G or UNOs al due (the new spot across from Macy's) UNOs was just voted healthiest chain in America. They have a chop salad selection, with the freshest ingredients right in front of you! You want it they got it, then they chop and shake to perfection.

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                              I often have the Cafe Jaffa salads. I can make two meals out of one. This is one of the hidden treasures in the Back Bay.

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                                That lambeef (lamb/beef) shawarma salad at Cafe Jaffa is one of favorite DISHES in the city, salad or otherwise. That green hot sauce is terrific.

                                I love the farm salad at Sweet Cheeks.

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                                  Had a Cafe Jaffa salad this weekend with falafel and it was great. I haven't been there in years but glad it is still around and delicious.

                                  Other favorites: The Nicoise Salad at Eastern Standard, Som Tum at S&I Thai, the Caesar at Russel House Tavern is solid. Also the salads at Cutty's in Brookline are great, especially the fennel and peanut one.

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                                    also at esk, the frisee salad, with sweetbreads, hazelnuts and poched egg. love it.

                              2. Seafood salad at Skip Jack's in Copley has never let me down. It's expensive (roughly $18), but is huge and comes with a lot of good quality seafood.

                                1. I like Sandrine's salads; the bowl and salad are plated in such a way as to basically negate the need for anything but a fork. And maybe a piece of bread for the last forkful. Thus, you can munch and read.

                                  1. The grilled apple & blue cheese salad at the Paramount in Beacon Hill was wonderful (grilled granny smiths, candied walnuts, LOTS of blue cheese) and on the regular menu. A dinner salad special a few nights ago with grilled peaches and goat cheese (could have used a little more cheese) was also excellent. One especially nice thing about both salads was plenty of fruit, unlike some salads (I'm looking at you, OTTO Coolidge Corner, with your token apples or was it pears? Can't remember as there weren't enough to notice).

                                    The person who recommended the restaurant to me recommended the Southwest BBQ chicken chopped salad.

                                    1. The chopped salad at the Met on Newbury Street is really good. Tons of chopped veggies including fresh beets and corn and a million other things. Very big and very filling.

                                      1. I never tire of Audubon's grilled chicken salad.

                                        1. CAFE JAFFA not only the best salads in Boston, maybe the world as far as I'm concerned. Chicken schwarma!!!!

                                          1. the new Park in Harv Sq.: The beet salad was probably the best i've ever had and easily the most generous- a rainbow of baby beet wedges scattered across a swipe of tart lemon curd ,with roasted hazelnuts,grapefruit and orange segments, sea salt and baby greens.

                                            1. Beet salad at Gaslight & chopped salad at Maggiano's Table are my wife's favorites. I will try one from Sandrine's tonight, and must give a nod to Cafe Jaffa as well.

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                                                I also like the chopped salad at Maggianos.