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Mar 17, 2012 03:08 PM

Favorite Salads in Boston?

Looking for a place with a great salad- downtown or surrounding towns

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  1. I like the salads at Fireplace Grill (not sure if they offer them at dinner but always find them at lunch) in Brookline, including their version of Cobb Salad and their duck confit salad - like the frisee salad at ESK and the vietnamese salads (shrimp and chicken) at Le's and Sunrise Cafe in Dorchester. Strip T's does a fabulous romaine and oxtail salad.

    1. if you do a search, you will easily find a long thread on this. We stay loyal and appreciative of the eva's greens with rabbit, smoked cheddar,pecans.... at EVOO. And, very simple, but you can't beat the quantity and price ($4) for the Wicked Small Caesar at Strip T's. p.s. small? NOT. And I have always thought that Philip's biggest strength at East by Northeast- is his innovative Asian salads. Kale with Smoked Tofu, Edamame, Smoked Trout, Lemon Sesame Cream anyone?yummmm. in fact, it's hard to be satisfied with the same old same old salads you see elsewhere- after you've enjoyed Philip's creativity.

      1. Crispy pigs ear / heirloom beet salad w/ miso dressing (Craigie)
        Flowering chive tossed w/ jellyfish, crispy tiny fish and garlic chips (New Golden Gate)
        Heirloom tomato/ green goddess salad (clio, seasonal)

        1. Some recentish faves:

          Grilled romaine with oxtail, also roasted apple salad with corned tongue at Strip-T's

          Seasonal salad at Journeyman

          Apples, pears, ginger/pumpkin yogurt, cran vinaigrette at Vee Vee

          Edamame and celery slaw at Myers + Chang

          Patatas ali oli at Taberna de Haro

          Steak salad at The Hawthorne

          White bean salad at Brookline Family

          Kashk bademjan at Jasmine Taste of Persia

          Carrot / raisin salad at Sweet Cheeks

          Burrata with seasonal vegetables at Bondir

          Caesar with boquerones at Neptune

          1. Yoma, a Burmese spot in Allston, offers a nice selection of interesting and refreshing salads.