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Mar 17, 2012 02:54 PM

Casual dinner in Austin - help wanted

I'll be in Austin for 3 nights and have dinner reservations at Uchiko and La Condesa. Will also do brunch at Second Bar & Kitchen. I need a casual dinner for one night. Considering: Curra's, Kerbey Lane, or 24 Diner. Also where is the best place for migas? I keep reading that there are lots of places but looking for specifics in downtown area.

Looking to experience local cuisine (no sushi or pizza).

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  1. Okay, Curra's is awesome. Any place that offers plaintains as a side is fine by me (not to mention the avocado margaritas). And Cisco's is my favorite for migas, its on east 6th street just across from I-35. Also if you're looking for a casual lunch or breakie, and you're carnivorally-inclined, check out Bacon, its on west 10th st. Chicken and waffles! The waffles have bacon cooked into them! Delish.

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      Eastside Cafe is pleasantly casual, has a varied menu, and serves migas on the weekend brunch menu. Good food in an old house. Much of the food comes from the gardens (and chickens) out back. On Manor Road just a few block east of I-35. Blue Dahlia on 11th east of I-35 is also casual and good, with a fun crowd.

    2. I personally prefer Polvo's over Curra's, but that's just me. Kerbey is an Austin institution, but I think their food has gone downhill in the last...oh, 10 years or so. I've been to 24 Diner three times, and everything I've had there has been painfully mediocre.

      If it's not too low-key for your taste, might I suggest trying some of our trailers for your casual dinner? We have quite a few dishing out fantastic food at good prices. Peached Tortilla, Lucky's Puccias, Three Little Pigs, Chi'Lantro, and East Side Kings are a few of my favorites.

      Oh, and for migas, I personally favor the migas con hongos at Elsi's. If you must stay downtown, El Sol y La Luna's have been good to me in the's been a while, though.

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        Optimista, how is the Curra's down south (Oltorf?) these days? When I lived here before, paid a couple of visits to the one in North Austin which I think is now closed, and which was also rather bad. I am hoping the south location is still decently good now that I live much closer (a place I do not often recommend, but enjoyed visiting from time to time in the past.)

        1. re: elpaninaro

          the north curra's had an inconsistent kitchen and even worse service.
          the southern, original location is much better in all regards.

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Will definitely check out trailers for lunch but want sit down for late dinner. Thanks for the input!

          2. re: elpaninaro

            elpanirao - last I ate at the Curra's on Oltorf, maybe two years ago, I thought it was pretty mediocre. I much preferred the meals I've had at Polvo's.