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Dinner tonight in (or near) Beverly Hills

My husband an I have booked a room at the Beverly Wilshire at the last moment for tonight (he's helping me set up very early in the a.m. for an event at the hotel). I would love some recommendations for a great place to eat dinner. It needn't be fancy, or a headliner, just somewhat quiet (we are both feeling a little under the weather), with great service and good, warm, filling food . . . the kind you want on a rainy night.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. I'm afraid that the place you suggest does not exist except maybe at a a 2 star Michelin in Paris. You might enjoy Ingrid on Big Santa Monica Blvd. It is walking distance from your hotel. Good food, amateur service but nice people at "reasonable" prices. Small funky place. Enjoy.

    1. Check out
      Il Piccolino on Robertson
      Amarone on Sunset

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        Walk up to Nate'N Als for great chicken soup.

      2. Il Piccolino is great. Was there last night. A more subdued choice and more reasonably priced is Il Forno Caldo just up the street from the hotel on Little Santa Monica and Roxbury. Very good Italian in a quiet cozy setting. Great lamb shank, roast chicken and pizzas. Can't go wrong.

          1. I also think Nook might be fun. A neighborhood cafe with good, solid food. Nice atmosphere. Fair amount of comfort food on the menu.

            1. On Canon Drive there are several good options, all of them within walking distance of your hotel. Il Pastaio, Enoteco Drago and Porta Via will all suit your criteria quite well. They're all on the same side of the street so you can view a few of the posts about them and then walk by them to see which ambience you prefer.

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                Agree with Bob Brooks. Great suggestions. Re: Nook suggestion. RespectfullyI disagree with Perk.

              2. The Grill on the Alley in Bev. Hills has "good, warm, filling food .. the kind you want on a rainy night" ... I'm thinking chicken pot pie ...

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                  I think dinner is over. Where did you go cambriamcc?

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                    Thank you all so much for your responses! In the end there was a cancellation at Cut, and, rather than walk in the rain, we opted to stay in the hotel. I felt the restaurant Cut was . . . o.k. I had heard so much about the steaks, and given the endless options of dry-aged, wet-aged, and wagyu I thought that we would be in for a very special meal. Wellllll, the waitress was in over her head, the steak was nice but overcooked (and no way worth its price), and the sides were fairly unmemorable. An excessively expensive glass of wine was lovely, and the doughnut dessert was fantastic. I really do appreciate everyone's great ideas. Soon, my husband and I will be due for another date night, and I can't wait to start trying some of your suggestions.

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                        I only went to Cut once when it first opened but was not impressed. I found the steak ok, but the room too sterile and sedate. Much prefer Mastroes or the steak at Dan Tanas.

                  2. oops ... you've been ..