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Mar 17, 2012 02:37 PM

just spreading the word about a great Thai place I tried on Thursday

A friend and I finally drove out west to 77th and Quivira to a place another friend has been asking me each week if I've been there, b/c she thinks it's incredible and has been going once every week since it opened about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Called Sweet Siam, I have to say, this is the BEST Thai food I've had in KC, and I eat Thai quite often. Had an eggplant melange that was 2-pepper spicy on the lunch menu. It was perfect! Heated well, but not completely overwhelming the dish. Had half of it to bring home so shared that with hubby and son in the evening. They wanted to go back there Immediately, they thought it was so wonderful. Sauces are simply so fresh...this place is a treasure. And yes, they also have a liquor license. I didn't try their cocomut cake for dessert. I guess that was a huge mistake....

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  1. Might I suggest you put KC in your subject title so people know what city you arre referring to?

    : )

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      My bad, FOTD, I should have prominently put KC in the subj line. I had friends escort 10 Myanmar refugees (Burma) to this place from North of KC....they were so excited when they left this place one evening b/c the chefs would cook 'anything and everything' they remembered from their homeland. I was thrilled for them, b/c I don't find that kind of accomodating attitude at most restaurants, esp. ones that have been favorably reviewed from the local 'foodies' on radio and tv. Usually the opposite occurs.
      No, the coconut cake is NOT like any other. I haven't tried yet, but folks with wider minds than mine have said it's unlike anything they've ever tasted, but it's divine. I guess expecting it to be like a traditional coco cake is a HUGE mistake.

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        Apparently they had run out of that cake when we were there because what we had was akin to a Sara Lee white cake. If a "traditional coco cake" means no coconut flavor, give me traditional any day!

    2. Funny ... I ate there about a month ago and was more than underwhelmed. We did share the coconut cake and it was nothing spectacular; no coconut flavor whatsoever.

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      1. re: GiGiWy

        Agreed, tofu in the soup, not a typical Thai version and the chicken eggplant curry noodle had grilled and sliced chicken instead of a stir fry. Taste was OK at best. There are better around.

        1. re: panfriedsushi

          Hubby really likes the Thai House that is down at around 110th and Holmes. Which ones do you prefer? I'm always interested in what others think are
          excellent picks....

          1. re: sara722003

            I like Thai Orchid in Mission (Johnson Dr. and Lamar). Also, the King & Ann Chicken at Thai Place in Westport is just awesome.

            But I am far from a Thai expert.