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What type of store-bought buns do you use for homemade sliders?


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    1. The King's Hawiian Sweet Bread rolls

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          Ditto. The small size are perfect.

      1. Martin's potato rolls... they come in a small size perfect for sliders

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        1. Small sourdough or ciabatta buns, about the size of dinner rolls.

          1. king's hawaiian (sweeter) or martin's (NOT schmidt's) potato rolls.

            1. I use 'bolillos' from the mexican bakery, but I have to cut them in half to get the right size. These are the only ones that are soft enough.

              1. Those dinner rolls, potato, like others have suggested. I have also used the frozen rolls, thawed, divided into the appropriate size, then bake.

                1. According to Serious Eats' Burger Lab, at least one original slider restaurant now uses Martin's Potato rolls.