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Mar 17, 2012 01:07 PM

Recs on recs?

Hi all,

Heading up to SF for the first time and a friend recommended the following places. I was wondering what your take on them was!

- Blue Plate
- Limon
- Range
- Marlowe

And for bars/lounges, she recommended:

- Rye (two words: basil gimlet!)
- Bloodhound
- Minx
- Zeitgeist (lot of bicyclists/hipsters, but amazing beers on tap and great backyard patio area)

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  1. I liked the original SPQR, which was sort of Cal-Roman, but the new chef's style is too Frenchy for my taste. For moderately priced Italian, I prefer Cotogna, Incanto, La Ciccia, and Barbacco.

    Otherwise, good places but not much variety. If you have any interest in Thai food, try Lers Ros.

    1. As for the restaurants you can scratch Blue Plate from your list. I recently gave them a second chance with a Groupon and was still disappointed with the execution. I have never been to Marlowe, but the rest of your list is great.

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        Thanks for the replies! Any recs for a great splurge night?

        1. re: GJWhite

          You're coming from LA? What are your favorite places there?

          1. re: GJWhite

            What's the budget for the splurge? What type of cuisine are you looking for?

        2. I would add Aziza to your list. Some of the most amazing food I've ever had. Everything we ordered was delicious. Great service and atmosphere too.

          1. Zeitgeist's is a really fun place and they do have a diverse beer selection, but check out their menu to see if they have the kinds of beers that you like. I'm a big fan of stouts and porters, and their selection is pretty standard for SF: