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Mar 17, 2012 12:51 PM

How to make the best sirloin tips ever?

I know this should be on the home cooking board but, no one outside of Mass knows what a steak tip is. I ask and they give me tips on cooking steak. How do you make the best steak tips? Thank you in advance. Joe

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  1. I just tried a new technique on the grill with good results.

    I rub the steak in with olive oil on both sides, then grind pepper and salt. Toss it on the grill, and DONT move it, let the grill sear clear lines in the steak.

    Flip it around, then I squeeze a lemon over the newly grilled surface. I stand there with half a lemon in my hand, squeezing for each turn.

    Flip it around again, and turn the steak sideways, so it will get a square pattern from the grill. Squeeze lemon. Flip it the last time, squeeze lemon again. Just a few drops each time, to cover the surface.

    So each side is grilled twice. Very fast - just enough to get the seared black/dark brown lines on the meat.

    1. I will recommend not to use the supposed "New Bridge recipe" you will find online. It's super sweet because it's basically ketchup and coke (and salad dressing from a bottle)? I tried it, it's awful.

      1. I use a chiptle/ancho rub. Let sit for 12 hours +.....grill on a hot fire, preferably over charcoal.

        4 mins and and flip..charred rare, perfecto!..:)

        If you prefer MR, I'd lower the flame and leave on a litle longer. Liquid based items like BBQ sauuce are mostly ketchup based and too sweet for my taste..but many people like this.

        I prefer my beef charred on the outside and rare/raw internally.

        1. and also, never forget...LET THEM REST 5-10 MINUTES

          1. Rub with 5-spice, s and p, marinate in soy and sesame oil with a touch of brown sugar. Cook on one side, flip, let rest, enjoy.